Reviews Psorilax

  • Sylvie
    Psorilax – the instrument at a low cost (my price) and effective. Horny and flakes removes quickly, I freed from them for 3 weeks, the sister, who also suffers from, but in a milder form, dealt with the disease for a week. Convenient that you can buy with delivery in all the cities.
  • Pierre
    I have psoriasis manifests on the elbows: they are similar to a wash-house. Psorilax I bought the wife, she tired of watching me. But they are not angry, on the contrary, satisfied, normal skin is much more beautiful!
  • Catherine
    Has brought great dead skin the place of a month. Before this I had to buy or order dozens of creams, lotions and other things. Helped only Psorilaxso now all her advice.
  • Marie
    Use Psorilax as a tool for the prevention of psoriasis. If I have a stress, now I begin to spread risk areas: the elbows, between the toes, etc While helps.
  • Christian
    Helped the child to get rid of psoriasis completely. There is a boy at school, when suddenly came the disease. The doctors have said – stress. Now she's studying at the university, in the last year, how was it dealt, once you have found the girl. I hope the diploma will receive, ah ah! But Psorilax - this is the theme!
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