The most effective and best latest treatments for psoriasis

psoriasis plaques on skinTo get rid of psoriasis patches that appear on the head or extremities, surround the body, or affect the skin on the face, there are specific treatments for psoriasis. The drug is selected based on the form of the disease, the severity of the pathology, the presence of concomitant diseases, the general condition of the patient, age and individual characteristics of the body. None of the psoriasis medications on the market can completely cure the disease. However, this does not mean that the medication is ineffective. The nature of the disease is not well studied, which is why choosing the drugs needed for treatment is so difficult, however, by making the right choice, patients can significantly extend their remission.

How to choose an effective drug for treating psoriasis?

Today, approximately three thousand medications are known to the medical community to treat psoriasis. All of these are conditionally divided into two major groups:
  • internal use;
  • External use.
Strong medications should not be used as soon as signs of illness appear. Topical treatment is preferred. It's difficult to say which specific drug is effective, so it must be prescribed by a dermatologist who observes the patient and reviews their test results. Each drug for treating psoriasis has its own advantages; many also have disadvantages or contraindications for use.

Ointment is the best medicine to treat psoriasis

All ointments produced to eliminate the symptoms of the disease (plaques, itching, redness) at least for a period of time are of two types:
  • non-hormonal;
  • Hormones.
The first group of drugs has long been known. These drugs are in high demand among patients. They don't cause unpleasant side effects, but are sometimes slow to work. Some patients experience increasingly shorter remissions after treatment with these drugs. These non-hormonal treatments for psoriasis include ointments:
  • zinc,
  • salicylic acid,
  • Contains vitamin D,
  • Based on solid oil.
Do you want to eliminate psoriasis growths in a few days? You need effective psoriasis medications that contain hormones. These are modern medicines. They are created on the basis of glucocorticoids and can eliminate symptoms in just a few days. However, it's not too early to rejoice, as the latest psoriasis treatments aren't as safe as they seem. Long-term use can cause the skin to thin, be absorbed into the blood, and affect the liver, kidneys, heart, and endocrine system. While taking them, a person may experience itching, skin irritation, and notice hypopigmentation more than before.

Creams are an effective way to treat psoriasis

Creams work faster than ointments on the affected area of skin. Its lighter consistency allows the drug to easily penetrate the skin and reach the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Like ointments, they can be hormonal or non-hormonal; they also have their advantages and many disadvantages.Before you start applying hormone cream to scaly lichen, you must study the instructions carefully. All side effects are listed there. Unfortunately, they are not uncommon with hormone cream treatments, but are an aggravating condition.Treatment with non-hormonal creams can be done less cautiously. These drugs do not contain dangerous ingredients and therefore do not pose risks to other organs and systems when used. They are made from base, safe synthetic substances and added herbs. One quite effective and popular medicine of this type is a cream developed by Chinese pharmacists based on ancient recipes of traditional healers. This therapy is suitable for any form of disease. Like most Chinese medicines, this medicine consists only of useful ingredients. It is based on acacia, amur, lotus, ash and narcissus. The drug contains no preservatives, dyes or other chemicals and is therefore absolutely harmless. Thanks to its unique formula, the cream stops the rapid division of epidermal cells, thus putting the disease into long-term remission. The skin is moisturized and gains a natural color.

Gels and Lotions - Skin Care

People with psoriasis need to use special gels and lotionsNot only is it important for people with psoriasis to receive appropriate treatment, it's also important to take care of their body. It is for this purpose that modern products in the form of gels and lotions for the care of the scalp, body and face are already on the market. It is known that the condition is sometimes worsened by the wrong choice of cosmetics, which dry out the skin and cause itching. The cosmetic gel produced specifically for people with lichen planus does not contain any ingredients that may irritate the skin.Today, the latest oral gels are being produced. They remove toxins, which are often one of the causes of this skin condition. These include methyl silicate hydrogel, which cleanses the liver and kidneys from toxic substances.

Oils – non-hormonal treatments for psoriasis

Humans have been using medicated oils to treat various ailments for many centuries. These drugs are widely used to treat psoriasis. Specialty essential oils and edible oils are used for medicinal purposes. When using them, you should remember that the plant components contained in their composition may cause allergic reactions, so any oil should be tried on healthy skin first.Various oils will help eliminate psoriasis from the bodyOils that help with healing:
  • tea tree;
  • Lavender;
  • jasmine;
  • oregano;
  • Mint;
  • cedar;
  • bergamot;
  • black cumin;
  • radish.
The most commonly used cooking oils are sea buckthorn oil and flaxseed oil. For scalp treatment, burdock oil is preferred.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Treating Psoriasis

Homeopathic medicines are widely used to combat psoriasis rashes. They are nontoxic, so they are often recommended for children, pregnant women, and patients with underlying health conditions. When choosing them as your main treatment, you should follow the dosage and take the medicine only after checking it with a homeopathic doctor and under his constant supervision.It's impossible to draw a clear line and say that all of the most effective psoriasis treatments are described here. If these medicines do not have the desired effect on the disease, you can use special shampoos, herbal tinctures and herbal patches. In some cases, you need to seek help from traditional medicine, which offers quite effective ways to prolong the remission of the disease.