The diet in psoriasis

Psoriasis - is a fairly common disease characterized by lesions of the dermis and mucous membranes, and the advent psoriatica of platelets (papules and reddish or pinkish in color), malaise, itching, hyperemia of the dermis. From the development of the disease is not immune, nobody, neither young, nor old.

The disease leads to the life of a person a lot of discomfort and unpleasant sensations. In addition, people who suffer from the disease, needs to continuously (during an exacerbation) to hide the problem under the clothes.

Psoriasis - an incurable disease. Patients are assigned a treatment support to facilitate the resolution of bothersome symptoms and prevent a relapse. Together with the drug therapy and physiotherapy, patients should follow a diet food.

It is important to understand that the therapy of the disease is not possible without the correction of the diet.

The diet in psoriasis, it promotes a significant reduction of the intensity of the symptoms, but also prolong the periods of remission. Diet easy to stick in the home.

Basics of power

A complex of therapeutic measures gives a positive effect in the fight against the disease. Diet when the disease is the essential point of this complex. Respecting the principles of nutrition, and also excluding the receiving of eating prohibited the production, is able to forget unpleasant forms of pathology. The diet is effective for any form of disease (подошвенном, scalp). By adhering to the nutrition clinic, the result will be evident already after a week.

Basics of power

To distinguish a lot of diets that help to prevent the aggravation of the disease. Diet have some differences, however, the basics are the same.

  1. The diet in psoriasis should be hypoallergenic.
  2. It is recommended to eliminate the abuse of alcoholic beverages and smoking.
  3. Health food provides for the reduction of salt consumption.
  4. From the ingestion of products with a content of preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, and other synthesized supplements, it is necessary to refuse.
  5. Diet is necessary to enrich the plant food.
  6. Diet menu provides for the refusal by a protein fast (sweet bakery products).
  7. Diet is necessary to enrich cereals (rice, oats, buckwheat) and vegetables salads.
  8. The food must be consumed in small portions, not less than five times per day.
  9. Recommended the introduction in the diet of low-fat dairy products.
  10. During the diet must check the regularity of the intestine. If you look at the appearance of constipation in the diet is necessary to enter the vegetarian, fiber, and vegetable oils.
  11. Also need to move more, and eat a sufficient amount of liquid (at least two litres).

The benefits of a diet

The diet is an integral part of the therapy of the disease.

The benefits of a diet

Its main advantages are:

  • improvement of the state of the skin;
  • the loss of the extra pounds;
  • improvement of the functioning of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract;
  • the normalization of the chair.

It is important to understand that the diet in psoriasis should be constant. The only way you can avoid the relapse of the disease.

Contraindicated diet for people with the presence of diseases of the central nervous system and CCC. This is due to the exclusion from the diet of substances that have a direct effect on the vascular system. In the event of a need to neutralize an acute attack of the disease through food, the menu correct with a must taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.

Every diet in psoriasis has its own characteristics. What are the products and meals that can be consumed by people with this disease, and what should be abandoned, contact your doctor.

As you can see from the table of allowed and forbidden products, people with psoriasis are advised to give up foods that contain starch, particularly potatoes, citrus, strawberries, nuts. It's also not recommended the consumption of bananas, melons, corn, prunes, mushrooms, lentils.

Assign diet can medical by qualified personnel only. Not worth the effort to do the diet or seek the advice of a friend or rely on reviews on this or that diet on the forum on the internet. Clarify diet, learn recipes of the dishes can be your doctor.

The treatment of psoriasis diet: a list of banned and approved products for use

People with this disorder, all, without exception, it is recommended compliance with diet medical, promotes normalization of the functioning of the body, improve the metabolism and to prevent the occurrence of relapses. The treatment of psoriasis diet consists of the elimination of the consumption of a given product, and the replacement of useful products.

Prohibited products

When this disorder recommend to eliminate the use of the following products:

  • Spices and spices. In psoriasis the harmful spices and products that contains them. High content of essential oils and aromatic substances have toxic effects on the human body. These substances cause irritation and the appearance of an intense itching of the skin, and then the worsening of the disease.
  • Of nuts. Eat any kind of dried fruit with disease not smoking. Peanuts is one of the most pillows products. People with this disorder would be desirable to eliminate the abuse, as we are nuts, and in the form of supplements. Also banned the use of peanut butter.
  • Peel of citrus fruit. In her In a large concentration contain essential oils, toxic substances, for people with psoriasis.
  • Fat meats. Contains arachidonic acid. This substance is one of the factors of execution, and of the inflammation which appeared on the dermis psoriatica of the platelets.
  • Alcoholic beverages. Prohibited the use of all alcoholic beverages, however, what is most restrictive as regards the beverages of the grapes. During the fermentation it celebrates the formation of aromatic substances, which cause the development of allergic skin reactions. Adverse effect of alcoholic beverages on the liver is interfering with its operation. The authority may not completely clean the body, and this means that you accumulate waste, toxins and other harmful substances, which often lead to a relapse of psoriasis. Alcohol, even in the slightest concentration results in malabsorption of useful and nutrients, which affects the immune system.

Food restrictions are not common. The body of each person is different, and, in particular, responds to different products. Doctors recommend not to give up anything. Before assigning the diet, the experts pass individual product tests.

Recommended products

The treatment of psoriasis diet is very important. Eating the right foods helps to improve the well-being and the prevention of the recurrence of the disease. It is recommended the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables (kiwi, beans, apricot, pineapple, carrots, berries, vegetables, salad and cabbage), lean meat and fish, cereals, low-fat dairy and dairy products.

In the combination therapy of psoriasis, but also for the prevention of exacerbations is necessary to provide the body with vitamins and minerals.

People with this pathology is recommended the introduction into the diet products, rich in:

  • Ascorbic acid. This substance helps to strengthen the immune system. Sources of vitamin c are peppers, kiwi fruit, rose hips.
  • Vitamin E. This substance in a large concentration contained in the seeds of sunflower. People with the disease, you need to consume daily a little seeds. The vitamin helps to improve the condition of the dermis, and also minimize the manifestations of psoriasis and strengthen the central nervous system.
  • Vitamin D. the Deficiency of this substance is full of metabolic disorders, more adverse impact on the state of the dermis. People with the pathology of lead in the diet of buckwheat.
  • Zinc. In the treatment of psoriasis great diet role products containing zinc. From this mineral depends on the protein metabolism, which is necessary for the healing of the wounds. With A high concentration of zinc contains in sesame, pumpkin, and fruits of the sea.
  • Football. This mineral promotes the desensitization of the body, reconstruction of the dermis and accelerate the healing psoriatica elements. Recommended the introduction in the diet of ryazhenki, yogurt and cheese.

The people affected by the disease, it is recommended that you also use the ginger. Helps to cleanse the body of toxic substances, as well as the resolution of the symptoms of the disease. In ginger contains a significant amount of vitamins E, A, ascorbic acid and trace elements. In addition to this, it is full of ginger and amino acids. Experts recommend to use as an additive for the first and the second flat.

Only by respecting all the recommendations of the physician regarding the treatment of the psoriasis diet, it is possible to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect. In addition, a proper diet will help to improve the functioning of all organs and systems, and also the loss of weight.