Psoriasis: treatment at home

What is psoriasis and how to cure it

Lately, more and more people, disappointed in the medical therapy, are in search of an answer to the question on how to make the psoriasis treatment home remedies popular. The use of traditional medicine gives good results in the fight against psoriatica rashes, but we must not forget that the application of a home treatment should only be performed after a consultation with a specialist.

What is psoriasis and how to cure it

Psoriasis is a chronic disease, a skin disease that develops on the background of infringement of normal processes in the organism at the genetic level. The disease can develop under the influence of internal and external factors. The causes of the disease are:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • the legacy;
  • lesions of the skin;
  • frequent neurological disorders.;
  • climate change;
  • the transfer of infectious diseases;
  • the long stay under the ultraviolet light;
  • hypothermia.

The result of the foregoing, the effects on the body, is the education on the skin that are red or pink spots with clear boundaries, that much flakes and itching. Rashes may appear on the body, hands, face, head. In addition to this, there are forms of diseases, such as psoriatic arthritis (the defeat of the joints) and psoriasis of the nails (the destruction and deformation of the nail plate).

The causes and treatment of psoriasis - is one of the topical issues today. Every year the disease affects hundreds of people.

Treatment of psoriasis at home can be done with different tools. He relates:

  1. Ointment.
  2. Wraps.
  3. Herbs for infusions and decoctions.
  4. Tea.
  5. The bathroom with the addition of curative products.

All funds are transferred individually for each patient. With the great effectiveness of a drug for a patient, the tool may be useless for another.

With the help of natural products can be effectively treated manifestations of the disease in all parts of the body. The main advantage of using traditional medicine is the lack of serious contraindications to the use of a product, a small number of side effects, the availability and cost of components.

Responding to a question about how to cure psoriasis forever, it is not possible to give an unambiguous answer. With the help of a maintenance therapy may be only to extend the period of remission of the disease, but completely heal the disease is not possible.

Then, how to get rid of psoriasis in the house? Only competent approach integrated with the use of these or other methods will help to tackle the disease and prevent the complication.

How to cure psoriasis with the help of ointments

The use of ointments - this is one of the most common types of therapy of the disease. With the help of funds for external application ill for a long period can get rid of the psoriatic lesions. Ointment psoriasis can be purchased in the pharmacy or over only.

People pharmacy means includes:

  • ointment Colloidin;
  • salicylic acid ointment;
  • remedies zinc-based;
  • corticosteroids, hormonal drugs, such as Ftoderm, Tacloox.

Home ointment for the treatment of stains, you can prepare with natural natural products. Let's consider some popular funds.

Product based on propolis and sea buckthorn oil

Product based on propolis and sea buckthorn oil

In answer to a question of treating the psoriasis on the body, the supporters of the folk medicine recommend the use of propolis ointment. Prepare the tool is very simple. To this 100 g of propolis is placed in a bath of water up to its softening point. After cooling add 2 tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil and mix thoroughly. After the complete cooling ointment for the sick of the skin 1-2 times during the day.

Ointment with the use of birch tar

How to treat the psoriasis properly without harm to health? Numerous is the number of positive reviews he has received the funds on the basis of birch tar. Then, how to heal from psoriasis with the help of tar? For the therapy of the disease using birch, pine, and juniper tar. For the preparation of ointments, you can use any. 100 g. tar mixed with two tablespoons of vaseline or a normal child cream and carefully mixed. Received the ointment is applied on clean skin several times a day.

How to cure psoriasis scalp

Below, we will try to understand how to treat psoriasis in the head and body in the house. Feature of the disease on the scalp is to treat the skin eruptions very difficult due to the presence of hair. When this also increases the risk of bacterial adhesion and fungal infections.

Psoriasis in the head is well curable with the help of shampoo and soap. To do this, use the following pharmacy funds:

  • friderm tar;
  • nizoral;
  • tar to the bathroom;
  • algopix.

Excellent peeling effect has tar soap, which can be purchased in any pharmacy. This method is safe and can be used even among children.

Mask for psoriasis in head

To cure psoriasis of the skin in the area of hair growth? An excellent anti-inflammatory and exfoliating action has a mask made with honey and aloe. For the production of medicines, it is necessary to mix 3 tablespoons of honey and the same quantity of pulp of aloe. Ingredients mix well and put on the whole area of the skin lesions. The mask of time is about half an hour, after which the hair is washed with soap and hot water.

How to deal with the disease with the help of herbs

How to deal with the disease with the help of herbs

Herbal medicine plays an important role in the treatment of this common skin disease, like psoriasis. What, then, to cure the psoriasis on the skin and which herbs you should use?

Many drugs have a powerful anti-inflammatory, exfoliation, anti-microbial, soothing, healing effect. For the treatment of disease using many of the plants individually, and also medicinal herbs.

What are the most effective herbs for psoriasis

Answering the question of how is it treated the psoriasis with the help of herbs, it is necessary to highlight some of the most popular of the plants.

  1. Sedum - favours the normalization of the tissue trophic, heals the skin, accelerates regeneration. Applies sedum in the form of compresses. For this spoon grass pour a glass of boiling water, the resulting solution is moistened with a bandage of gauze and apply to the affected areas.
  2. Aloe relieves inflammation, disinfects, softens, recovers layers of the dermis. To get rid of rashes the juice of the plants, moisten a cotton wool pad, after that apply it as a compress to the platelets.
  3. Cassia aciculari - has antimicrobial and astringent. The grass produced in the form of tea and drink 1 - 2 cups per day.
  4. Calendula - relieves irritation, eliminates the inflammatory process, disinfects the wounds. To resolve psoriatic patches calendula pour the alcohol (1 part herb to 3 parts alcohol), tincture insist 10-12 days, after which the medication clean the plates 3-4 times per day.
  5. Chamomile - has antiseptic, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory actions. Margaret is taken orally in the form of a tea, and is also used for the preparation of compresses.
  6. Celandine - a very popular plant for the treatment of many diseases of the skin. Celandine antiseptic, disinfecting action, it nourishes the skin with vitamins, tannins, restore. Celandine cleanses by psoriatic platelets, removes flaking, itching, redness. The herb is used in the form of decoctions for baths and local compresses.

You need to remember that the use of medicinal plants can lead to the development of allergies. At the beginning of the treatment should ensure the absence of allergies or other plant.

Baths for psoriasis

Baths for psoriasis

Many patients ask if it is possible to take baths with the appearance of rashes on the body and to cure the psoriasis with the help of vannes? The addition of water it is recommended that you add components that have on the skin soothing, antiseptic, disinfection action.

Using the baking soda

Drinks bathtubs can be taken in combination with drug therapy. For the resolution of the main manifestations of the disease and cleaning the skin with water, dissolve 200 g. of the product. The water in the bath should not be too hot. The optimal regime of the temperature to 38 - 39 degrees. During this procedure must be of 20-25 minutes.

The application of sea salt

The treatment with the salt is similar method with sodium bicarbonate. Water for soaking, add 200 - 250 g of the product. After the bath it is recommended that you rinse with clean water, as salt can dry and pull the skin. For the softening of platelets after the procedure, you must deal with a greasy cream.

Herbal teas

Herbs for baths are used in the form of decoctions. The plant may be used individually, and also match. Consider a couple of popular recipes:

  1. Take 3 tablespoons of chamomile, calendula, yarrow, wormwood, and nettles, and the ingredients pour 6 liters of water, boil the instrument of 30-40 minutes on low heat. Then the broth is filtered and added into the water to dive.
  2. 3 tablespoons of celandine produced a liter of boiling water and simmer for 10-15 minutes. After that the broth you configure 2-3 hours, it is added in the bathroom.
  3. Shoots and birch leaves 200 g. of pour three liters of water, stirred a tool half an hour on low heat, then filtered and used for the bathroom.

It is important to consider that the use of herbs and tinctures it is necessary to discuss with your doctor. Self-medication in severe disease not only can not give results, but also cause complications of the disease.

Other tools for the treatment at home

A popular method of therapy at home is the use of activated carbon. Then, how to cure the psoriasis activated charcoal? The application of the sanitary pad gives excellent results in the fight against many skin disorders. Sorbenti help to purify the body, creating the metabolic processes, which is extremely important for the treatment of psoriasis. The active carbon is to apply in the case of the disease in two ways:

  1. The internal technique - the course of treatment can last from 15 to 40 days. The dose of activated carbon is calculated as: 1 tablet per 10 kg. of body Weight. The resulting number is divided into 3 equal parts, a medicine 3 times a day, an equal amount of time.
  2. For external use only - 5 tablets of activated charcoal should be crushed and mix with a tablespoon of water. The resulting mixture is applied on the rashes, leave it for 15-20 minutes. The procedure is repeated once a day for 7-12 days.

With this type of treatment must verify the absence of contraindications for the use of the drug.

Another method of therapy is placing packs of apple cider vinegar. For this vinegar diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1, the resulting solution is moistened with a bandage of gauze and apply on the sick spots of the skin. Time to wrap - 10-15 minutes. If you feel a sense of discomfort and burning sensation, the time of a session down to 5 minutes.

Well established itself in the shell of the ointment. For the preparation are egg yolks, fresh hard-boiled eggs, which you need to fry in a hot pan up to highlight an oily liquid. This is used for the treatment of platelets.

Psoriasis treatment with the methods of the people can not replace a complete medical treatment, however, the proper use of the gifts of nature will help you much faster to cope with the disease and to maintain remission for a long time.