Psoriasis in the initial phase. Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Psoriasis is called the chronic non-infectious disease that affects the covering of the skin of a person. This disease is considered to be the most common type of skin diseases. The man, sick of psoriasis, the initial phase, very often, this pathology does not give any minimum attention, considering that the emergence of red dry patches can go to him.

the first phase

The symptoms of psoriasis in the initial phase

What is the disease, such as psoriasis, have a series of symptoms, which adapt to many other diseases, therefore it is sometimes difficult patient to determine what type of disorder has affected his body. These symptoms are usually attributed to:

  • general weakness,
  • the constant feeling of fatigue (chronic fatigue),
  • the presence of depression or depressed state.

For the presence of a person of the symptoms of the disease is still not possible to conclude by stating that you are ill.

For psoriasis in the initial phase is characterized by the appearance of papules rounded shape, red or pink in color, covered psoriatica from platelets (flakes). This leather education almost always symmetrically located on the scalp, back, flexor surfaces, sometimes plaque psoriasis you may encounter on the genital mucous membranes, and also in the upper and lower limbs.
The appearance of papules and is the main symptom of psoriasis at an early stage.

The causes of psoriasis

In spite of the enormous possibilities of modern medicine, the reasons for which a person begins to appear on the skin mantle, papules, up to the end has not yet been clarified. Many modern medical tend to that point of view, that psoriasis has a hereditary predisposition. This disease may occur because of effects on the human body the following predisposing factors:

  • traumatic injury to the covering of the skin,
  • the presence in the body of infection,
  • abuse of alcohol products,
  • increased exposure of skin to ultraviolet (sun) rays,
  • the presence of any mental injuries,
  • the consequences of alterations in endocrine.

Very often the psoriasis is a concomitant emerging disease in people with Aids or HIV.

As it seems to psoriasis in the initial phase

the initial phase in the head

The disease begins with the appearance of the human skin, papules (small, pimple), it has clearly expressed the border and rounded shape. The color of this formation has a pink or reddish. Papule can buy and cyanotic shadow, if you glaziruetsya at the level of the lower limbs, where blood flow is much slower than in other areas of the human body.

In the initial stage of the incidence of the disease on platelets occur as flakes of silvery white color. With the skin cover of the man are connected with evil, with the result that with ease in delay and papules.

Close to one another, and psoriatic papules often merge and form a large diameter, the skin of the elements, which in turn can damage the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

It concludes the initial phase of psoriasis the fact that in the format of segment internal precipitation begin to fade, and the external (on board) buy in a bright red color. Similar garland-sicut view of platelets is typical for psoriasis in the initial phase. Often the first rash of psoriasis can be observed on the head (scalp), elbows and knees.

During the course of the psoriasis distinguish three phases:

  • Progressive — this stage, when the papules acquire the intense colour and are in a process of union between them.
  • Retainer — where the new breakouts begin to cease, and papules pale.
  • Retrogressive — occurs the complete disappearance of nodular rashes on the affected areas of the body.

For the treatment of psoriasis has developed from a lot of drugs, who struggle with the disease, with different efficiency. Among the best medicines must highlight:

  1. Hormonal drugs, have the ability to immediately stop the symptoms of psoriasis. These medicines agreed to assign to severe forms of the manifestation of the disease, complicated by the appearance of papules exudate.
  2. A method of non-hormonal methods, among which has decided to allocate Salicylic acid and Zinc ointment. Data drugs aimed at eliminating the itching, the removal of inflammation, resolution of exudative formations. Well also recommended an ointment-based solidol'.
  3. Shampoo – helps combat psoriasis in the head.
  4. Spray help fight with the disease in the scalp.

Physica justo procedures


In the treatment of psoriasis separately stands for the performance Physica justo procedures.

PUVA-therapy. So call exposure to ultraviolet radiation, used for curative purposes in combination with drugs taken for the treatment of psoriasis.

2 hours before exposure to the patient should take such medicines, as Ammifurin or Psoralen. The treatment PUVA-therapy is to cleanse the skin by papules and constant support treatment, favourable to maintain remissionem period. Takes the treatment from a year to 2 years (25 sessions per year).

donec justo. This method of treatment is to apply a man ozonated solution to get rid of psoriasis. The ozone in this case, it is used in the form of a mixture of oxygen-ozone, that:

  • consumed in the form of ozone water or oil inside,
  • it is administered in the form of an injection for intravenous (iv), subcutaneously.

The ozone treatment has a number of contraindications, do not place with:

  • allergy to the components
  • alcohol intoxication during the treatment,
  • epilepsy,
  • myocardial infarction,
  • disorders associated with blood clotting.

Treatment donec justo is reduced to 10 – 12 sessions.

Hirudotherapy. The treatment of psoriasis leech is a popular means of liberation from this disease. Leeches put on areas of the body, which are the papules, where they are, mordens to the skin, release the blood of a substance – hirudin, which, in turn, begins to actively fight with the disease. The course of treatment – 150 leeches for a person. Doctors recommend for the year will be held on the 2nd video of the course.

Treatment of psoriasis at home

the treatment at home

Ointment in folk medicine

In an enamel bowl place the following ingredients: 200 grams of butter and 10 grams of finely chopped propolis, the mixture needs to boil them on low heat for 10-15 minutes, not forgetting intensely all the time to stir occasionally. The tool is filtered before it is applied through several layers of gauze. His need to rub the affected area psoriasis the place up to complete disappearance of papules. Ointment preserved in the refrigerator.

You must take two fresh chicken eggs and add a tablespoon of sunflower oil. The eggs and the oil must be carefully whisk and add 40 grams of acetic acid. The ointment to move in a jar with the lid. Should lubricate every day for the night of the affected skin. This tool is very effective in the initial treatment of the psoriasis.


It is necessary to take in equal parts by weight ingredients such as milk, grape leaves, flax seed, and burdock root (necessarily fresh). They should boil for 5 minutes in the glaze to cool to room temperature, and then a lotion to the problem areas.