The causes of psoriasis


Many people are familiar with this widespread and unpleasant illness such as psoriasis. Common disease in men and women of almost all ages. It is often diagnosed scaly scall, as it is called the disease in medical practice, and in children. The main symptoms of the disease are the precipitation in the form of circular or oval spots on various parts of the body. To the advantage of the cases the disease affects the skin. The more often causing psoriatic plaques meet on the elbows, knees, hands, feet, in the field of hair growth on the head, armpits, groin and skin folds. However, the disease is able to affect not only the dermis. There are types of diseases, harmful for the joints (psoriatic arthritis), and also the nails (nail psoriasis), and also the eyes.

The research in the field of psoriasis are in progress already for a long time, but until now the nature of the disease is not clear. Some experts attribute the disease with the work, immunity of a person, others argue that the real cause of the disease is stress and excessive emotional stress, others tend to believe in the appearance of the disease as a result of violations of the metabolic processes of the body. Theories of the disease enough, however, none of them has any scientific proof. Exactly you know just what the psoriasis, the causes of which today remain a mystery, refers to the non-infectious inflammatory diseases of chronic character.

The theory of the onset of psoriasis

The causes of psoriasis is a very controversial issue, to date, no peace is the world's scientists. Numerous laboratory tests and clinical trials can not give a scientific explanation for the development of the disease. All the theories are just hypotheses. In practice, they have only confirmed to a certain extent. Then, later in this article we will try to find an explanation of the development of this disease such as psoriasis from the scientific point of view. The causes of psoriasis today, explain the following theories:

  1. The immune system.
  2. Hereditary.
  3. Endocrine.
  4. Viral.
  5. Neurogenic.
  6. Exchange.

All of them are designed on the basis of the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease is the result of years of research in psoriasis.

The immune theory

the immune theory

Scientists believe that the cause of the disease is directly linked to the immune system the protection of a man. This theory is one of the most common and relevant until today. The representatives of this thesis argue that psoriasis occurs under the influence of this concept, as the aggression of the immune system. This process occurs as a result of the perception cells in the immunity of the cells of the dermis as the attackers. That is, the perception of how the aliens tel as a result of this response, the particles of the skin very inflamed and rejected. The process of rejection often starts in the following cases:

  • frequent friction of the skin;
  • burns;
  • abrasions, scratches and other damage to the skin.

Research psoriatic scales method biopsy has allowed us to discover in them some of the antigenic complex, while in blood there is a large amount of antibodies towards them. In part, this is confirmed the link of the disease with the immunity, however, to fully demonstrate the theory in practice is not yet possible. Considering that the violation of the work of natural protection a person can act in only one of the factors that trigger the onset of psoriasis.

The theory of inheritance

The appearance of the psoriasis, it also explains the theory associated with a genetic predisposition. The supporters of this point of view, with confidence, claim that the main cause of the onset of the disease is a hereditary factor. In a few words, the disease is transmitted from a relative, a relative by descent.

The research in this field have shown that the cause of psoriasis can be a genetic predisposition, as well as more than 60% of all patients have their kind relatives, even those who suffer from the disease. Also managed to understand the following characteristics:

  • if the psoriasis is sick one of the parents, the probability of appearance of the child's illness can be 25%;
  • in that case, when the eruptions periodically suffer from both parents, the risk increases to more than double to 75%.

The theory of genetics until now, even if it has some confirmation in practice, it is not critical. In many cases, the cases of patient over inheritance complies with the a number of other trigger factors of the disease.


endocrine theory

This theory suggests that the causes of psoriasis can go into hiding in violation of the hormonal balance of the body. After studying the disease, scientists came to the conclusion that pathological fast the process of division of the cells of the human dermis when the disease is associated with hormonal imbalances. Very often, these errors occur in consequence of various diseases of the organs of the endocrine system. This can be a disease of the thyroid, pancreas, and pituitary. The possible causes of failure of hormonal perhaps the following human condition:

  • pregnancy;
  • ovulation;
  • the intake of some hormonal drugs.

In practice, the doctors emphasize a significant worsening of the disease in this period. However, notwithstanding such communication and, presumably, in confirmation of the theory on practice, fundamental and proven do not believe.


The causes of the disease psoriasis a long time associated with the transfer of diseases of viral nature, but also with the presence of foci of chronic inflammation in the body. You based this theory on those facts, that in the period of the disease, caused by a way or other virus, psoriasis, significantly intensifies. Are also known cases of primary pop-up of psoriasis during the disease of viral etiology. Belies the theory that, as a result of these diseases is greatly weakened a person's immune system, which can also be associated with the development of psoriasis. Also well known is the fact that psoriasis is not transmitted from person to person, therefore this theory has no confirmation from the medical point of view.



The representatives of this thesis argue that it often happens psoriasis on the nervous system. Neurogenic theory highlights the causes of psoriasis, are directly connected to the psychosomatic human condition. This point of view is one of the most young and unproven in practice. Explains the theory of the development of the disease the presence of states following persons:

  • the stress;
  • excessive emotions and experiences;
  • sleep disorders;
  • a strong exhaustion.

As a result of these violations, the observed person's neurosis of the blood vessels causing their contraction and, consequently, a violation occurs of blood flow to the tissues of the dermis. This type of error gives you the possibility of development on the body of the psoriatic lesions vary in nature.

According to the statistics collected in the TWENTIETH century, the largest percentage of people that have some form of disease, a precursor of the disease was exactly the stress.

The theory of exchange

The causes of psoriasis and its treatment, which are now a very urgent theme. Because of what appears to be psoriasis? This question does not give peace not only to the sick but also to the doctors. The representatives of the theory to violations of the metabolic processes bind the development of the pathology with violation of the rates functions of the body. In the course of years of research of the disease and a multitude of laboratory failed to you understand a few signs, that connects all the sick. The data obtained are good reasons to believe that the cause of psoriasis is a dysfunction of the metabolic processes in the person. Then, that thing in common:

  1. Violation of the metabolic processes indicates the temperature of the body of the sick and sub-standard.
  2. In the body of the patients have increased levels of cholesterol and other negative substances that in a healthy person are displayed in a natural way.
  3. The imbalance of vitamins. In all patients, with the pathology of vitamins of the group a and b are In deficit. However, the vitamin c, on the contrary, excess.

Exchange theory, even if it has some confirmation in practice, it is not officially approved.

The factors triggering the disease

To summarize, it is necessary to highlight a series of factors, can not only cause illness, but also greatly aggravate its course. Then, what causes psoriasis, we will try to understand later.

Spiritual causes of psoriasis

Often the appearance of psoriasis associated with stress and conflicts. To exclude complications, doctors recommend to limit themselves by an excess of fatigue, strong nervous tension and situations that could lead to stress.

Disease of an infectious nature


Cause the primary development of the disease and its complications are able to chronic inflammatory disease. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences it is recommended that you treat the infection, do not run the disease, by contacting a doctor.


The causes of psoriasis in women is often associated with pregnancy. In this period, the body marked with strong hormonal changes. Every mom-to-be, suffering from a disease, kept very careful of his health. Preventive measures include timely prenatal visit, avoid situations of stress, proper nutrition, give up bad habits, the conformity of the day.

Injury and damage to the skin

The causes of the disease are often found in chemical products, mechanical damage of the dermis. Different burns, wounds, scratches and other minor injuries can become a factor, activated disease. Also, the disease may develop because of the effects on the skin of chemical substances. For example, various detergents. The people that have to do with these materials, doctors recommend to wear protective devices.

Bad habits


Also demonstrated a significant negative impact of bad habits on the course of the disease. The consumption of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and other types of drugs highly aggravating for the psoriasis. This explains the binding impact of bad habits on the immune system of the patient.

The use of certain medications

Many drugs are able to bring not only good, but also evil. In psoriasis, the use of such drugs, such as some types of antibiotics, Immunostimulants, vitamin complexes may cause a malfunction of the immune system. The result is a complication of the disease.

The wrong food

A person's daily diet may also cause the development of pathology and its considerable complications. Patients who suffer from the disease or predisposition to disease is extremely important that you follow their diet. From the food, you should exclude fatty, spicy foods, fried foods, smoked foods, too salty. Nutritionists recommend to give preference to foods, cooked to the vapor, and also the method of cooking. On the table should be a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, dairy products.

Then, the causes of psoriasis are very different. Cause the disease can many factors. However, we must not think that psoriasis is a conviction. A timely treatment, a responsible attitude toward the body, the setting of the day mode and the power supply, allow to cope with the disease and exclude complications in the future.