As it is easy to cure psoriasis of the nails. The causes of the disease.

Nail psoriasis – the disease, to which they may be exposed to people of any age. This disease is the result of violations in the immune system of the body, is chronic, it is possible to relapse. The development of disease promoting genes responsible for the activity of the immune system of the body. But psoriasis is a disease that can be treated, and prevention measures will prevent its development.

What is psoriasis of the nails?

psoriasis of the nails

So call the disease, the external manifestation of which are visible a variety of damage to the nail plate. This can be, and small dimples of different diameters, chaotic located on the nails, and the detachment of the nail, which can be partial, and can lead to total loss of the nail plate.

Psoriasis of the nail platinum, accompanied by a change of its color: can appear white spots, the nail yellow, sometimes it is dark brown and the black shade. If the psoriasis nails affects the blood vessels, can appear to be red stripes. Any change in the color of the nail plate should be the occasion for an examination.

When the disease can appear to be depressions on the nail plate. Sometimes the edge of the nail considerably compacted and layered.

Symptoms that require attention and preventive measures. If the disease psoriasis nails confirmed, you need an immediate treatment, because by itself the disease will not pass, and the lack of or insufficient treatment can lead to severe complications.

The causes of psoriasis nails

Predisposition to psoriasis observed in people whose relatives are suffering from similar disease. The possibility of transferring the gene for this disease has a large percentage of probability, but it is not mandatory.

Sometimes psoriasis occurs in people whose family members have suffered from this disease. Its causes may be other factors:

  • Stress. In some patients the onset of psoriasis is success after the experiences of nervous shock. In these moments the body is critically weakened, which favors the development of the disease. Strong stress force the nervous system to switch with the function of protection of the body, to restore nerve cells, which leads to a weakening of the immune system, alterations in the response to stimuli of psoriasis and the development of the disease.
  • The viral infections. Dangerous diseases and its complications, including the possibility of the development of psoriasis. The weakening of the body, treatment with antibiotics can cause psoriasis of the nails. Even worse, if the infection is not treated properly or treatment was insufficient.
  • Hormonal disturbances. Age-related changes in the body, treatment with medications containing hormones, can lead to the development of psoriasis of the nails. In these periods it is advisable to keep the body with vitamins and to be careful starting the nail plate.
  • Disorders of the metabolism. The cause of psoriasis can be and metabolic disorders. Pay attention to the diet food, try fresh air, track your weight.
  • The legacy. Psoriasis is a disease that can be transmitted by inheritance, but this happens not always. If your relatives suffer from psoriasis, attention to the first symptoms of its manifestations, because in the initial phase of treatment is much more efficient.

Home treatment of psoriasis nails


If the psoriasis the nails are in the initial stages are only visible the first signs of manifestation of the disease, the treatment can start at home.

Before starting treatment, make sure to run the diagnostics, in order to exclude the disease-fungal, whose appearance is very similar to psoriasis.

Treatment of psoriasis of the nails, it is necessary to start "from inside". Be sure to take the vitamins, they contain calcium. They will help you strengthen the structure of the nail plate and make it less receptive to pathogens of the disease.

Note complex vitamin, helps to normalize the metabolism. Are the vitamins A, b, c, E, P, which strengthen the body and improve the condition of nails. Thanks to them, in the body begin to digest the many necessary for the growth of the substance.

Psoriasis is a consequence of a carry over of stress and psychological fatigue", then in the complex treatment of pay attention to the intake of sedatives and necessary in this state of rest.

Will be useful baths for nails with decoctions of aromatic herbs (we recommend chamomile, calendula, nettle, st. john's wort). To prepare the broth can be a bain-marie, a combination of herbs can be arbitrary. Soak your nails in a bowl with the hot broth, and keep your hands for 10-15 minutes until cool water. Be sure to apply on the nails with the oil, and on the hands with a soothing cream.

Resist the manifestation of psoriasis will help rubbing, compresses of oil (we recommend olive oil, sunflower oil and olive oil of the conifers). A small amount of oil rubbed on the nail plate before going to sleep. Oil soften the nail, saturate its necessary beneficial substances in the oil of conifers have an anti-inflammatory effect. The procedure does not require a lot of time and does not require cooking.

Home treatment in the early stages of the development of the disease is quite effective, but if psoriasis of the nails is in a state of neglect, the house, the treatment should be carried out in conjunction with the therapy under the supervision of experts.

Nail treatment for psoriasis

Nail psoriasis is a chronic disease, which may be repeated in all the causes of its appearance are: stress, illness, abuse, nutrition. When the disease is necessary to comply with the recommendations of doctors, the constraints of the manifestation of the disease:

  • In case of contact with the house cleaning, don't forget to protect hands with gloves, because the impact of the funds may result in a relapse of the disease. They are part of substances that destroy the natural structure of the nail plate, weakening her, that will help lead to the appearance of the first signs of the disease.
  • Try to avoid injury to the nail plate: also a small break can lead to the formation infectious the nest.
  • Attention to the hygiene of the hands.
  • If the psoriasis nails already manifested, it is not recommended to carry out beauty treatments for the nails. Extension and coverage of the gel is strictly forbidden, as in a plate of the nail the development of the disease will not be immediately noticed, which can lead to complications. It is not recommended to use decorative paint.
  • The nail affected by psoriasis, the better a short-cut: the patient's nail is far from aesthetically pleasing; the sick long nails promote the development of the disease. The affected area is best to cut.
  • Do not leave the psoriasis of the nails, without warning! Necessarily deal!

The diet in psoriasis nails

power supply-with-psoriasis

If your nails are affected by psoriasis, must necessarily be so to organize your meals, the body receives the substances it needs, and the food will not cause damage. Medical advice regarding the diet, when the disease is the following:

  • Each day, consume at least 8 glasses of water, as well as fruit juices and other beverages. The body must be able to "flush out" harmful substances.
  • Eliminate from the diet foods: alcohol, even with mild degrees, smoked and savoury, coffee, carbonated drinks, potato chips. Do not add to the meal, vinegar, herbs and spices. It is recommended that you replace the sugar sucrose. Not worth the effort to get fruit and red berries, because they contain substances that contribute to the development of the disease.
  • More increases in the amount of vegetables in their diet: they contain fiber, which will help you eliminate the toxins from the intestine.
  • Eat low-fat meat of beef, liver. Delete the smoked meat, and lard.
  • Recommend to limit the intake of dairy products. But be sure to eat low-fat cottage cheese and hard cheese.
  • Enter in the diet of legumes, which can become a side dish of low-fat meat or turkey.
  • Eat cereal grains (wheat, corn, buckwheat). It is advisable to prepare them not for the milk, while in the water.

Cure psoriasis of the nails, only power supply is not possible, but you can help the body to withstand the manifestation of the disease.

The causes of recurrence of psoriasis nails

Psoriasis is a chronic disease, and the appearance of relapses is possible. Cause recurrence can possible causes: nervous tension, stress, another illness.

In order to avoid a relapse, you should be careful about their diet and general health, and stress situations. Do not eat foods that may cause malfunctions of the digestive system. If you avoid a stressful situation, it is not possible, be sure to do a sedation.

Holidays on the coast will help you avoid the recurrence of the disease or increase the interval between relapses. Exposure to sunlight, sea water and the warm sand positive impact on the state of the body and the degree of the nail plate.

Always be sure to perform preventive treatments: weekly bathing in decoctions of herbs, soften the skin with moisturizing cream. If the visible manifestations of the disease does not occur, apply a nail varnish healing.

Psoriasis on nails cure completely difficult, but with regular preventative measures and compliance with recommendations it is possible to prevent frequent recurrences and complications.