Of healing psoriasis on the body?

Of healing psoriasis on the body

Scientists emphasize that in recent years the psoriasis on the body is more frequent than before. The disease is a chronic disease of an inflammatory process, accompanied by significant injury of the skin, skin rashes red in the form of plaques and papules. Unfortunately, completely eliminate the disease to anyone impossible. Following a disease that follows a man for a whole lifetime, periodically flaring up with new force. Of healing psoriasis on the body and which tools to use we consider in detail.

Feature of the disease is its individual character, and that each patient has psoriasis manifests itself in a different way. Often the causes of skin rashes in suspense, and all that is left to do to the doctors to guide efforts to maximize the reduction of the symptoms of the disease.

What is psoriasis and why occurs

The disease refers to non-communicable diseases related to the skin dermatoses. Due to various circumstances, a person may also be disturbed the normal process of cell division of the skin. The person in the normal condition, the update of the dermis layer goes to 25-30 days. In psoriasis, this period may be reduced to 5 days. This process results in the loss of links between the cells of the skin occurs its roughness, bassoon, and rejection. On the skin in the beings begin to appear platelets and papules, usually red or pink in color.

What is psoriasis on the body? Scientists cannot give a definitive answer on the causes of the development of psoriasis. None of the existing theories has not been approved and officially has not been demonstrated. There are only assumptions, according to which it is possible to highlight some of the causes of the disease. Then, what is psoriasis on the body, we'll find out more next:

  • violation of the metabolic processes of the dermis and of the whole organism in general;
  • unstable hormonal balance. Can occur because of a violation of the functioning of the organs of the endocrine system;
  • hypothermia, and frequent infectious disease;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • frequent mechanical damage, but also the effects of chemical substances;
  • often rashes can occur in a context of psychosomatic disorders;
  • the intake of alcohol and certain drugs, and much more.
Stage and the symptoms of psoriasis

Stage and the symptoms of psoriasis

The manifestations of the disease always depend on the stages of the progression of the disease. Below we analyze the stages of the disease, and also the characteristic symptoms of each of them.

The progressive phase

So called the form of illness during its first manifestation, or to the subsequent deterioration. This phase is characterized by the appearance of a large number of psoriatic patches that increase in size and are accompanied by a strong inflammation. This also intolerable itching, the skin is bad, unplug it. The patient feels a strong sense of discomfort.

The treatment phase inpatient

Here, the plates are formed with a lesser intensity, however, of the purification of the skin, the speech does not go. Rashes expresses the patient is always the same discomfort, itching, irritated skin and painful. Papules continue to grow and coalesce into a single large intralesional. The plates are closely covered in whitish scales.

The phase of regression

This phase also is called the healing phase. The growth papules stops, the skin begins to gradually clean. Out the redness of the skin, which indicates a decrease in inflammation. It is very important to improve the conditions of the patient do not stop the treatment. Here are all of the efforts are directed to the prevention of the relapse and full recovery of the skin.

The types of the disease — pictures of how it has the psoriasis on the body

Types of pathology are many. Each of them is characterized by its characteristics and the weight loss of the disease. Below are the main types of psoriasis on the body.

Tabula informibus psoriasis

One of the most common types of diseases. The town of more than 80% of all patients. Its other name, the common or vulgar psoriasis. Characteristic patterns is the education on the body spots, protruding above the surface of the skin for a few millimeters. They are red or pink in color and free of gray or white flakes. The affected areas of the skin itching and can be easily damaged.

The shape of A drop

Lesions arranged in a random manner in the form of drops. This type can occur at any point of the skin as in adults and adolescents. Size rashes may be more varied, from the size of a pea, fairly large, skin rashes, diameter of the egg. During the phase in which platelets may be little, but with the development of the disease, their number increases. Gradually, the rash may cover the entire body.

Reverse (surfaces psoriasis flexor)

Externally psoriatic precipitation more smooth, rather than with other types. Peeling with this module missing or expressed minimally. The place of dislocation of the platelets, especially in the folds of the skin. Other parts of the body are not affected. Often the rash appears in the armpits, the groin, the women, under the breasts, on the inner part of the thighs. Aggravated illness in the summer, as well as the active work of sweat glands. The sweat causes a favourable environment for the pathogenic organisms.

Pustular psoriasis

It is the heaviest in view of the disease. With this type on the patient's body will appear blisters with a clear liquid, protruding above the surface of the skin for a few millimeters. Such blisters called pustules, hence the name. The skin in places the appearance of the rash becomes red, inflamed, and painful. Usually the pustules are localized in the upper and lower limbs, in more severe cases, rashes can spread throughout the body, fusing into a single large intralesional.

Psoriasis of the nails

In the medical practice of this type are called onihodistrofiya. Here hits the nail plate, with the further distortion and detachment from the body of a finger. The disease spreads rapidly as healthy skin and nails. In the event of wrong treatment, or its absence, the scars can remain for a lifetime.

Erythrodermic psoriasis

The main symptom of this species is the detachment of the affected areas, the strong roughness of the skin, inflammation of the dermis and its layers. Here there are also symptoms like itching, oedema, scaling, redness and the development of the inflammatory process.

Often, when this form it can lead to an infection of the blood, which leads to serious conditions of the patient and even death.

Psoriatic arthritis

In addition rashes on the body, the pathology involves inflammation of the joints. The patient had severe pain of the joints and muscles. Suffer more from the fingers of the hands and lower limbs. Phalanx can grow in size and as swelling. The failure to treat the disease often causes disability.

The main guidelines of treatment of psoriasis on the body

Then, how to cure the psoriasis on the body? Often the therapy of the disease begins with the application of the funds earmarked for local use. The special medications in the form of ointments, creams, lotions, and sprays applied on the skin in places of defeats. In mild forms of the disease, use of individual medications, with the most severe forms it is recommended that you apply medicines combined action.

The crust of a rough skin, the doctors recommend to fix with the help of special creams and emollients. Ointment for psoriasis on the body and often leads to levels, is in favour of softening the horny layer of the dermis, m its easy to fix.

Assign a remedy for psoriasis on the body and medicine in the pathology must only doctor. Often, experts put into practice hormonal contraceptives hormonal ointment, and also the medicines with vitamin D3.

The main guidelines of treatment of psoriasis on the body

Together with the treatment with the help of funds from the synthetic, often use such methods as treatment with ultrasound. In medical practice, this type of treatment is still indicated as the treatment of light. This procedure is quite safe and efficient.

For scalp psoriasis also used in medicines, shampoos, gels and masks. To cope with the disease of the hair to the skin's pretty tough, as well as the hair are a barrier to the penetration of medicinal components.

The application of medicines

The tool against psoriasis on the body should be administered only by a specialist. The self-medication is unacceptable. The patient can easily confuse psoriasis with any other disease of the skin and cure is not what you need.

Drugs for psoriasis on the body are divided into the following groups:

  1. The corticosteroids. These tools have a powerful effect, however, a lot of negative side has a lot of side effects. Apply must be strictly according to the recipe.
  2. The drugs with the vitamin D3 in the composition. Vitamins are essential in the treatment of this disease. Saturation of the body magnesium, zinc, potassium, and help to restore the immune system and promote healing of the skin.
  3. Tar medications. This product is included in the composition of the soap, shampoo, ointments and gel. To get rid of the disease using juniper, pine, and birch tar.
  4. When complications local applications of funds is not enough. In these cases, the medical part of the course of treatment, color therapy, laser treatments and other types of physiotherapy.

    The role of a popular medicine

    Next, to understand how to treat psoriasis on the body the traditional methods. With this purpose, often used in ointments and home remedies herbal. Consider the most effective recipes to treat psoriasis on body home.

    Flax seeds for skin cleaning

    For the preparation of drugs, you need to put in a thermos 1 l of 2 tablespoons of flax seeds and the bay of boiling water, close the lid on tightly. Infusion the mixture should be not less than 10 hours. Use the dye must be in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.

    Flax seeds for skin cleaning

    Treatment sodium bicarbonate

    The affected areas of the skin it is recommended to clean 5-6 times a day with a solution of bicarbonate of soda ordinary. For this reason, in a glass of boiled warm water should dissolve 2 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate. In a solution it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab and carefully manage the platelets.

    Onion wrap

    For the preparation of medicines, it is necessary to take a normal arch and grind finely. The resulting mixture is wrapped in a gauze cloth and apply for 20 to 30 minutes in case of defeat. Treatment should continue until the cleansing of the skin.

    Treatment of psoriasis of the body long and complex process. The success can be achieved only by respecting their health with the due attention and doing the necessary efforts.