The effective treatment of psoriasis in house, the recipes, the methods of


Psoriasis is a chronic disease, has corrugated. The treatment at home is something to remove a grave symptoms manifested excessive pimples on the skin, severe itching and a general worsening of health status.

However, up to now, the experts are trying to develop effective schemes of therapy, and as tools that allow you to forget about the problem does not exist, the maximum that you can get a remission lasting, and not a complete healing.

How to cure psoriasis in home

The therapy of psoriasis at home will give results only when it is used an integrated approach. The application of the tools of folk medicine, especially in the early stages of running bow depriving, must be accompanied by the intake of drugs local and systemic.

To receive herbs, tinctures and the application of lotions and packs must connect physiotherapy treatments. Also, in the fight with the disease must adhere to certain recommendations relating to the treatment folk remedies:

• It is not valid to stop the cycle of treatment, for how long was not.
• All the herbs to collect in the narrow sense of the time, it is necessary to store and process. Otherwise, the treatment does not give absolutely any result.
• The problem it is necessary to act not only on the outside part of the skin, but also from the inside, through the strengthening of the body in general. This approach is respected not only in folk medicine but the official. Consequently, in combination with the treatment of the skin, it is necessary to take folk remedies for internal use. The latter are called upon to stabilize the operation of the internal organs, enhance immunity and cleanse the body.
• The impact on the body of any external factors, capable to start the mechanism of development of psoriasis, it is necessary to completely eliminate or at least reduce to a minimum.

Fitopreparaty, sold in the pharmacy, and most of them have already been processed and contain only specific components. All the drugs collected and prepared, may contain the property that are absolutely not needed in the treatment of psoriasis.

Also, it is not recommended alone for the treatment, because this can lead to unintended consequences. So, for example, even the most harmless at first sight, the celandine, and when administered that can cause the poisoning of the body, irregular heartbeat, and seizures.

If it is possible to treat psoriasis in the house for ever

The question on whether or not it is possible to get rid from psoriasis occurs in almost all patients. Unbiased plate on the body, covered with scales gray, discomfort, constant highly complicate the life of the patient. And despite the fact that all the events appear mainly on the body, bow zoster is considered to be not kozhnym of disease and system.

With certainty the causes of its occurrence is not yet known. Some tend to think that the black man is a hereditary factor, others argue that all the problems occur due to abnormalities in the functioning of the internal systems – in any case, the treatment must be only complex. But even if you correctly selected a schema therapy, permanently get rid of the manifestations of acute psoriasis does not work.

Under the influence of trigger factors such as stress, bad habits, poor nutrition, systemic disease, the symptoms will return again and again. And throughout the treatment, in this case, it boils down to what is necessary to alleviate the itching, burning sensation, cleanse the skin, and also increase the time of remission.

The fastest way for the treatment of psoriasis at home

In the first place, to quickly get rid of psoriasis, you need to delete all the triggers. The patient must get rid of bad habits, to successfully deploy the mode of rest and work, to stick to a diet.


Popular medicine recommends it for a quick relief from the symptoms of the bow depriving of such funds:

• Lubrication of the platelets and the ointment base of calendula;
• Take the tea sedative herbs, such as mint, lavender or chamomile.
• Take a bath with essential oils, but in the skin the dermis to rub the essential oils of rose, chamomile, jasmine.
• For a quick exfoliate flakes, rub the plates lightly dampened cereal.
• Take a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil.

These tools have proven to be among the sick, and also received a lot of positive feedback from the part of the doctors. But do not expect that, after several acquisitions, its condition will improve dramatically. The course of therapy is always to no less than a month, and in the severe forms of the disease, and not can be increased up to three. In addition, these tools do not help themselves, they are used only as part of an integrated therapy, and only relieve the acute symptoms.

Treatment of psoriasis with active carbon

The research conducted on the nature of psoriasis revealed that one of his reasons maybe, starting the body. But because the active carbon, which for its properties is and absorbent, and antidotom, can greatly relieve the condition. Enter in the stomach, enters the reaction with pathogens and toxins, absorbing them.

Take the activated charcoal for psoriasis follows a route in advance after having received the advice of the doctor. Usually, we use the following types of therapy:

• The course, with a duration of 2-4 weeks. The dosage is calculated according to the following formula: body weight divided by 10, which is the number of tablets to 250 mg per day. The medication should be taken three times a day in equal parts, drink plenty of water.
• Course of radiation is 40 days and the amount of the drug per day is calculated according to the following formula. In this case, the pill to a single dose of grind into powder and pour the cooling water – taken before meals, for a couple of hours.
• Duration of treatment 30 days. The day is accepted only 3 tablets, one for an hour before a meal.
• Course of 10 days, then a break of 20, and again for 10 days – and so for four times, i.e. in total 40 days of intake. The amount of the drug per day calculated on the basis of a compressed to 6 kg of weight. Got the dose is divided three.

In the treatment of active coal must comply with a strict diet.

Treatment sodium bicarbonate

Soda in psoriasis, it applies both for the local treatment, and for internal use. According to the reviews of doctors and more patients, the more effective are these recipes:

• Hot baths are taken every day for 14 days for the night. The tank volume of 30-40 liters, diluted to 900 g of sodium bicarbonate.
• Treatment with a solution of sodium bicarbonate and platelets. In a glass of water soluble 2 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate and the obtained solution three times per day must be cleaned to the affected areas.
• Body wraps are made twice a day. For the preparation you will need 2 tablespoons of baking soda (large) pour a small amount of water, so as to obtain a mass similar to dough. The course of treatment of two weeks.
• Warm compress: an appointment in 0.5 liters of hot water soluble 3 tablespoons of baking soda. The solution was applied on a towel and applies it to the sore spot.

How to cure psoriasis salt

Those patients who suffer from psoriasis, you already pointed out, that after a holiday at the sea, the symptoms of severely withdrawn. This is due to the action of sea salt on the body. Certainly, the aggravation of a visit to the seaside or a nursing home is difficult, but here is the care of the house is possible.

More effectively demonstrated in a bath with sea salt. If there is none, you can also take advantage of the kitchen. For the preparation you need to pour a pack of salt in the bath with a water temperature not

too cold, but not hot). The same procedure is performed for 15-20 minutes.

After taking the salt bath, it's not worth vytirat'sya sa dry. Enough ticket under the shower and bathe lightly on the skin with a soft towel. To fix a effect on platelets is applied a moisturizing cream or an ointment.

The treatment, by applying the celandine

Celandine – the herb, whose name says it all, perfectly cleanses the body. Recipes from the different diseases of this plant have been used from time to time, in particular for the treatment of psoriasis.

Apply the product in several ways:

псориаз5• Herbal steam bath. For the necessary procedures the leaves of the plant, which are pre-filled with hot water and boil. The solution infused in the course of an hour, after which results in the preparation of the bath.
• To receive inside used an infusion of: celandine(2 tablespoons), walnuts (1 tablespoon), mint (1 teaspoon), leaves of blackberry (2 tablespoons). The mixture thus obtained is poured into 1.5 litres of boiling water and infused for 1 hour. The course of treatment – 1 week, 2 times a day for 1 tablespoon.
• Juice of celandine oral – 100 ml. is added a drop of fresh juice. It is adopted the tool after a meal for 21 days. Every day the amount of juice increases a drop.
• For local use in the home prepares the ointment by using the celandine (2 teaspoons), солидол (100 g) and ointment Flucinar (15 g). Parts of ointment mix and insist for three days. Twice a day is applied on a sufferer of the land. The five-day course.
• Ointment, by the use of vaseline and celandine. The mixture thus obtained is rubbed on the skin once a day.


Based herbs not only help to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, purify the body and skin, improve the metabolism. Fitosyr'and is used to clean the skin, to bathe, and to receive within a complex system of therapy.

Rapid and a lasting effect have the following recipes:

• Root sarsapelya (sarsaparilla, smilaks) in the amount of 20 grams of finely ground coffee and 10 hours to pour a liter of water. After infusion medium boil for 20 minutes, filter and take it inside until it is warm (part of the broth you can drink later, but in that same day). The course – three weeks.
• Elderberry (2 teaspoons) pour 5 liters of water and insist during the day. Dose – half a cup three times a day.
• Branches of rosa canina, burn and ash in equal amounts mixed with vaseline. Means to rub the affected area.
• If the psoriasis amazed at the nails of the hand or foot, effectively use the trays on the base of the calamus, succession, st. john's wort or nettle.
• Baskets of a young sunflower are crushed and poured dry white wine. Composed insist, day 2, and after that filtered and applied as a compress to the platelets.
• Half a cup twice a day is recommended to drink a decoction of hops, nettle, heart, and licorice root (proportion 1:1:1:3). Large spoon collection paid for 10 hours liter of boiling water. The course of treatment – a year to prolong remission.


In agreement with the fact that a solarium beneficial effect on the body exacerbation of psoriasis, they all converge to the doctors. Many studies have been conducted that have shown that:

• If the type of psoriasis "plate" the UV rays well dry the skin and promote quick healing of the ulcers.
• Procedures allow you to "mask" the plaque psoriasis.
• In psoriasis, "Drops", especially in the winter time, in the body there is a deficiency of vitamin D3. And in this case, the deck can compensate for his.

To get a quick effect, it is important that the correct ratio of the ultraviolet rays. Beneficial on the plate for effect-rays of type a (300-400 nm in length) and the beams B (length up to 311 nm). The first session of 5 minutes, and gradually the time increases.


The diet in psoriasis is an integral component of the therapy. Its basic principles are:

• The food is taken often, but in small quantities.
• In the menu unacceptable the presence of citrus fruits, chocolate, and other vysokoalergennyh products.
• Do not use products that contain dyes, stabilizers, preservatives, emulsifiers, and other additives.
• It is not allowed to take alcohol, even in small amounts.
• Products that are easily digested should be abandoned.
• Meat and dairy products may not be as high fat content.

Internal funds of treatment

As effective internal the popular tools tested:

• Decoction of bay leaf. 20 g of raw pour 0.5 liters of water and boil on low heat for 10 minutes. Take 100 ml after meals.
• Tomlenoe based product fat fed it. For the preparation of 200 gr. grease poured a bottle of vodka, a liter of honey, and 500 ml. of aloe juice. The mixture is put in a clay pot and sent for 4 hours in a preheated oven at 180 gr. Take 15 ml three times per day.
• Infusion of malt. In a liter of boiling water for 4 hours prepared 2 tablespoons of malt. Accepted 6 times a day for 100 ml.

As a home cure psoriasis in head

In the struggle with psoriasis in the head well help special shampoo sold in the pharmacy:

• Means with sulfate, selenium and hloroksinom – contribute effectively to purify the scalp in the early stages of the development of the disease.
• Shampoo with ketokonazolom – neutralize the effect of the mushrooms, eliminate itching and flaking.
• Pharmacy of funds with coal tar shampoo, which spread in the skin for 2 hours and it is only after they are washed away.
• Shampoo with zinc-piritionom – help only in the beginning and as a preventive measure.

Prepare a really effective tool can be to the house:

• Grass celandine, chereza, horsetail in the ratio of 2:4:1 mixed and 2 tablespoons of the mixture, pour a glass of boiling water. Compound maintained a steam bath for 30 minutes, filtered and rubbed on the inflamed skin. The procedure is performed once every two days.
• In equal proportions mixed with nettle, hop cones, arrays of aira, celandine, flowers of calendula. Aspect ratio: the part of the leaf into two roots. The mixture is poured a liter of boiling water and left to mature in a steam bath. Is used in an infusion to wash your hair three times a week.
• Good effect and massage the scalp with rosemary oil, almond, cypress, or peanut. Is applied to the instrument for the night, after which on the head dress cap.