The most effective remedy against psoriasis

The initial phase of psoriasis is not always diagnosed in time. This is due to the similarity of clinical manifestations with allergic dermatitis of the nature, lishaynyh rashes, inritant as a result of contact with chemical substances. In these cases, are usually applied ointments generic, for example: The initial phase of psoriasis

  • preparations of calendula, chamomile, burdock;
  • containing zinc oxide;
  • enriched gray;
  • salicylic acid ointment;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs ;
  • in more complex cases containing aminoglycosides and steroids.

Instead of ointments, you can apply lotions containing these components.

The further development of the disease caused by the pathological condition of keratinocytes, lymphocytes, and macrophages. As a result, their infiltration in the skin of its individual parts thicken, swell, are covered by a specific film polished steel. With time these areas dry up and may burst.

In this period, the drug should be specific and go in the background of a general therapy of the body.

What are the remedies for the treatment of psoriasis?

The effective treatment of psoriasis is guaranteed through the following effects:
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Antiseptic;
  • regenerans;
  • Moisturizing;
  • Improves blood circulation (vascular);
  • the antiproliferative;
  • Cytostatic.

Representatives of such drugs include prednisone, hydrocortisone, cyclosporine, for example class A.

Negalagenizirovannye glyukokortikoily (advantan, elokom) is also effective enough and practically have no contraindications. With their participation it is recommended that you perform the therapy of patients, children and the elderly.

The main reason for the skin of change – the proliferation of T-cells has been successfully treated dithranol and means, contain in their composition. An example of this can serve dithranol . The use of such drugs is rather long, and can cause adverse reactions in form of itching or further edema.

How to work with aromatic retinoids?

The best remedy against psoriasis is difficult to find. An individual approach to each patient – that's what should form the basis of the therapy. Lately, many patients helps to treatment with retinoic acid.

Atsetrin (neotigazon) – representative of this group of drugs. The effect of its application caused a direct effect on the tissue of the dermis, regulating cell division and the premature death of young cells. More secure, does not cause the development of complications. On the background of the regulation of cellular metabolism, decreases the permeability of the capillaries, remove the swelling and improves the metabolism of salt water within biological tissue. Va psoriatic eritrodermia, decrease, or go "no" pustular eruptions of the skin.

Together with the retinoid you apply local anti-inflammatory therapy (ointment with diclofenac, indomethacin), which aims to:

  • Removal of edema;
  • The alignment of skin relief;
  • Eliminate the itching;
  • The local adjustment of the temperature.

What is the classification ointments psoriasis?

In the strength of the impact of all the ointments can be divided into: weak, moderate, strong and very strong. The patient is not worth to start to heal once with strong compositions, since it has developed rapidly addictive. In addition, a number of them have quite serious side effects.

After hydrocortisone (the price most elementary of masi, which has anti-inflammatory properties of nature), the sick prescribed progestin. It is particularly suited to patients with exudative manifestations. As a result of its application reduces the bleeding of the wounds, the skin, and then dried and polished. If the patient does not observe positive developments in the treatment, it will be at the site of ointment strong therapeutic effect. A prominent representative of the triamcinolone acetonide. She will help you cope with the itching, relieves the processes of inflammatory nature, it will have an impact on processes proliferative keratinotsidov.

And, finally, the more strong the drug is an ointment clobetasol . It inhibits the keratinization of the cells of the dermis, has antiallergenic effect, regulates the processes of division in the skin tissue.

It is possible to carry out the treatment creams?

The most effective remedy against psoriasis is one that fits a particular patient. In some cases, these creams containing:

  • Vitamin D and its analogs – regulation of the tissue's composition and configuration utility of each cell;
  • Vitamin E and its analogs – effective on keratinotsidy;
  • Antipigmentatsionnye components .

A lot of positive feedback from applications, psoriatic cream. Contains oil-naphthalan and birch tar. By acting directly on the upper part of the platelets, occurs their gradual liberation from the flakes. In consequence of this color-plate decreases, the skin gradually is compared with undisturbed plots.

Creams can contain natural plant components. They are worthy of credibility:

  • A succession;
  • Birch tar;
  • Aralia manchu;
  • The seeds of portulaca;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • Castor oil, and other
As warlocks, many recipes.

Any cream or has been selected for the application, you must apply on clean skin (including from the residues of the previous medicine component). Before greasing, the skin should be thoroughly dried or treated with an antiseptic (in the case of the presence of the exudative manifestations).

That may increase the effect of ointments and creams psoriasis?

Today known to a wide range of physiotherapy treatments, strengthen the therapeutic effects of the active substances. Among these it is worth stopping for:

  • phototherapy (PUVA), including ultraviolet irradiation (load on the body must be strictly proportioned to avoid predisposition to the disease, oncological skin);
  • The climatotherapy (the optimum temperature of the air, moisture and mineral composition);
  • Laser therapy (with the help of the laser turns out to be a negative impact on the blood vessels that feed the plates);
  • UHT milk (shock wave therapy) – the use of acoustic waves in the range of infrasound. Accelerates the process of regeneration of cells, smoothes scars, is aligned in the common relief of the top layer.

Treatment of psoriasis – a process long and rigorous. Treatment plan must contain systemic drugs, local forms of treatment and is a tonic for the therapy necessary to restore its own immune defense.

An effective tool for the psoriasis itself justify full, if the intervals between the aggravations will become less frequent, and the precipitation will be characterized by less manifestum.