How to cure psoriasis quickly

How to cure psoriasis quickly

Without a doubt, the psoriasis is one of the most serious diseases of the skin. The disease has the autoimmune in nature and periods of remission often substituted with relapses. Heal the disease it is impossible. Therapy against the disease is always directed to the resolution of the symptoms of the disease and relieve the overall health of the patient.

Many patients ask about how to cure psoriasis quickly home?

In this article we will try to understand with which methods it is possible to cope with the disease for a short period of time, not to damage their health.

As it manifests on the psoriasis?

Today, there are many theories suggesting possible causes of the disease. However, in spite of the long years of study of this disease and is not able to form a clear idea about its nature and find out the exact causes of its appearance. The manifest psoriasis on a person's body mainly in the form of red or pink rashes of varying size. The disease has the following indications:

  • skin rashes in the form of plaques, towering above the surface of the skin healthy;
  • redness of the skin;
  • strong desquamation of the dermis;
  • the drying of the skin, cracking and bleeding.
Rashes may appear in different parts of the body. Often the platelets are found on the elbows, knees, hands, feet, scalp, and also in the groin area and armpits. In addition to manifestations on the skin, psoriasis has a severe form of psoriatic arthritis. This type of condition implies the defeat of joints and ligaments of a man. Are mostly affected joints, less joints and the spine.

That can cause the disease?

So far the theories on the origin of this pathology is not officially approved, there are only hypotheses regarding the possible triggers of the disease. He relates:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • diseases of the organs of the endocrine system and hormonal imbalances of the patient;
  • injury and damage to the skin;
  • bad habits;
  • incorrect power supply;
  • the intake of some medication medications;
  • transferred to the infectious diseases.
That can cause the disease

These are some of the reasons that can cause the disease, in some patients, the psoriasis develops due to a long stay in the sun, or, on the contrary, due to hypothermia. Also cause the outbreak rashes on the body of some people can the products of allergens, such as chocolate, coffee, citrus fruits, and others.

Recommendations for treatment at home

Wondering about how to quickly get rid of psoriasis, each patient needs to remember and respect the rules of home treatment. These activities relate to:

  1. Clearly observe the time of administration and dose of drugs prescribed by the doctor. If the treatment is done only folk remedies, must clearly comply with the recipe.
  2. To ensure the hydration of the skin is necessary to use special creams and lotions. This will help to avoid excessive dehydration, and accidents in the places of defeat.
  3. Remove the crust must be clean and only after the steam cooking. Perform the steps to clean hands, do not affect the areas of the skin where flakes have not yet fallen away.
  4. If your doctor has prescribed to take in the sun or tanning beds, clearly there is a need to follow the program and the duration of the procedures.
  5. Do not use multiple drugs. In the case of an allergic reaction, or, on the contrary, a positive effect, you will not be able to determine which of the media has had an impact.
  6. With the improvement of the state does not you should immediately stop the therapy, the delay of the withdrawal of medicines can aggravate the situation.
Recommendations for treatment at home

Also it is very important to follow a diet. The power supply is one of the important aspects of the treatment of the disease. The respect of a correct diet will not only speed up the healing process, but also a positive impact on all internal organs and systems.

Treatment of psoriasis with medications

Many patients eating find an answer to the question on how quickly to get rid of psoriasis with the help of creams, willing to pay a lot of money, just to get rid of unpleasant platelets and papules on his body. Unfortunately, the miracle of the drug up to now they have invented. In addition, each drug may have a different effect on this or another patient. In the medical practice decided to use the ointment, have an anti-inflammatory effect, disinfectant, decongestant, has an analgesic effect. All medications placed on the hormonal and non-hormonal funds. In mild forms the experts use ointments with a simple gesture. The most severe forms of the disease require a hormonal treatment.

A method of non-hormonal of funds

Drugs in this group of doctors will prescribe provisions for external coating with mild action. Their advantage is the lack of side effects, however, the disadvantage is that the effect of the use occurs on long enough.

The method of application is to apply the tools to wipe the skin 2-3 times per day. The dose should take the doctor. Self-medication with the help also of non-hormonal funds may result in adverse effects to improper use.

Hormonal funds

The characteristic of the hormonal drugs is their effectiveness and rapidity of action. However, it is very important for the medicine assigned exclusively to the specialist. The fact is that the hormonal drugs which can cause a number of side effects and systemic complications. Not proper application, the exceedance of the dose delays or policy of the drug may trigger a lot of unintended consequences.

Hormonal funds

The action of the drug begins after only a few applications. The patients indicate to eliminate the itching, redness, and also a significant reduction of the inflammatory process.

Funds with the vitamin D

For a quick healing and the healing of the dermis is very important to include therapy full of vitamins. They help to establish the metabolic processes of the skin, improve tissue regeneration, to fill the cells useful components.

Effective recipes of folk medicine

In addition to medications, quite popular in our time, is the application of people, methods of treatment. It is various instruments, based on natural products. The supporters of the people treatment say that this type of therapy is non-inferior to drugs, and sometimes exceeds. In addition, traditional medicine is more accessible and secure.

Later in this article we will see how quickly as possible to treat psoriasis with the help of natural products and herbs.

The use of gold, uca

This plant is widely used in folk medicine. In psoriasis, baffo d'oro also gives excellent results. For the treatment of a plant that is well-ground, wrapped in the receipt of food, a piece of gauze and apply as a compress on the affected area for 20-30 minutes. You can also use this method with the defeat psoriasis of the scalp.

Birch ash and vaseline

For the preparation of this drug need to burn a few sprigs of birch, up to the formation of ashes and mix with a spoon of vaseline. The mixture evenly on the plate all over the body. The treatment lasts until the complete cleaning of the skin from redness.

The infusion of sunflower

For the preparation of the infusion need to take a couple of young baskets, plants, grind, after that pour in the white wine. Insist tool of 10-12 days in a cool place. After the tool exhaust, and the infusion to lubricate the plates.

Effective recipes of folk medicine

Blue clay

Very well has proven to be a remedy clay-based. To this 100 g of the product is mixed with a tablespoon of castor oil and sea buckthorn oil. The resulting solution is applied on the plate for 15-25 minutes. Repeat the procedure for 10-14 days.

Treatment onion

An effective remedy of psoriatic lesions is the juice of white onion. For this reason, the vegetables are well crushed and squeeze juice out of it. They thoroughly smeared the plates by gently rubbing the product in a place of defeat. The majority of patients observed a significant improvement after a couple of sessions.

Get rid of psoriasis quickly as possible in accordance with the rules of treatment, and clearly adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Give up bad habits, diet, and timely referral to a specialist will help you to cure psoriasis for a long time.