Psoriasis of the scalp

The development of the disease can vary from a few plates, a few, including the defeat of the scalp. Among other things, the psoriasis progresses further on the face, involving the skin of the forehead, which extends over a back surface of the neck and in the area of the ears.

psoriasis in the head

According to research statistics, psoriasis affects approximately 5.7 million inhabitants, and throughout the globe, there are about 4% of the population with this nasty disease and dermatological. The localization of the process is different, but often the scalp is the only part of the body where you are experiencing the manifestations of psoriasis (typical for over 50% of clinical cases).

The causes of psoriasis scalp

The origin and causes of the line of psoriasis, as in the case of other types of diseases, has not been fully clarified. According to the American academy of dermatology, the debut of a pathological process occurs because of dysfunction of the human immune system.

According to the basic theory, and in the body of the patient occurs autoimmune process, during which tissues of the skin increases the concentration of T — cell lymphocytes, play an important role in the immune response. Their accumulation leads you along an inflammatory process that manifests itself as a thickening of the skin and the appearance scaly formations.

For a reference! The Autoimmune process is a phenomenon in which a person's immune system causes damage to the body, and does not protect.

Not proper functioning immune system caused by a series of triggers do not directly cause disease, but they have a certain value. Background the causes of psoriasis of the scalp the following:

  • Inheritance plays an important role in the chain of development of a pathological process: it is considered that the risk of the debut of psoriasis increases significantly in the presence of the disease, at least from a close relative. This statement is not accepted by all experts and is still under discussion.
  • Stress. Emotional experiences can contribute to the dysfunction of the immune system that manifests itself in a more severe psoriasis, or, in his debut, spread.
  • The use of drugs. It is believed that some medicines can affect the development of the process; in particular, reported a side effect of indomethacin. The medication is anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory means (FANS) and is recommended in the treatment of arthritis. Also included are the data of provocation pathology quinidine, which applies in cardiology, such as antiarrhythmics tool.
  • Other factors that may lead to the development of disease predisposed individuals: the burn damages, injuries of various kinds, sore throat and others.

Diagnostics of the line of psoriasis

The decision of a person to a physician often depends on the severity of the symptoms: some patients are ashamed of their disease or simply do not see the need to spend your time on a living in health care facilities, especially in mild symptoms.

The experts recommend that you consult a dermatologist when the rash in any place and at any time. The treatment usually depends on the cause of the appearance of skin rashes, therefore, you need a prompt diagnosis and accurate, even if the symptoms of a disease process are slight.

In many cases, psoriasis of the scalp is diagnosed when the physical exam exam, the study history of the disease and the patient's life. A specialist can diagnose the disease simply by studying eruptions of the skin. In some situations, it is recommended that blood tests and a biopsy for the differential diagnosis with other skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, and other).

Even if the recurrence of psoriasis can occur regularly, usually the disease is not considered serious, it is important to observe doctor's advice and the time to ask the necessary treatment.

The symptoms and the first signs of psoriasis in head

the symptoms of psoriasis

Hair psoriasis often has a mild and almost imperceptible. Signs of psoriasis scalp of the individual, but because some patients may develop heavy the progression of the disease, which includes ulcers and along to pathology. Intense itching causes sleep disturbance, the rough and the scratches lead to skin infections and hair loss.

As seems to be the psoriasis scalp? Slight degree of the disease is different, less pronounced events: celebrate the almost imperceptible timely precipitation, almost not giving the patient any discomfort.

Moderate and severe degree includes the following symptoms and signs of illness:

  • Rocky with irregular patches of red-violet.
  • The scalp dry.
  • Appears to be flaking, similar to dandruff.
  • Unbearable itching.
  • Burning and pain in the area of the rash.
  • The bleeding occurs from scratching or removing flakes.
  • Hair loss temporary.

If the patient has a history of a psoriasis in the head and some of the symptoms mentioned above, this is the reason for re-access to a dermatologist.

Please note! By itself the psoriasis does not cause hair loss; this lead to intense scratching, along with stress. The growth resumes after the cleaning of the skin.

Phase of the current of the thin line of psoriasis

The pathological process flows spontaneously and waves, including the transition of different phases of the disease:

  1. The stage of progression. Occurs when the debut of the disease or its relapse. Flows such as the emergence of new eruptions of the skin, which may merge among themselves, forming a more extensive involvement of the skin in the pathological process. On psoriatic elements of the eruption is observed flaking.
  2. The phase of conservation. This phase involves a security process, however, new eruptions of the skin already does not occur. In this period of "sluggish" growth of plaques and is not celebrated the circle around the skin elements. This stage is usually an indicator properly sized treatment.
  3. The phase of retreat. It manifests itself with the reduction of skin rashes and determined the effectiveness of the therapy. This phase is characterized by the appearance of the rim Voronov — fold the skin around psoriatic patches. At the same time, desquamation disappears, and in place of the platelets may form whitish spots.

Methods of treatment of psoriasis of the scalp

the treatment of psoriasis

How to cure psoriasis in the head? The first line of defense is a treatment that is applied directly to the skin in the beings: medicated shampoos, creams, gels, oils, ointments and soaps.

Among the otc drugs approved by the fda, the fda (FDA), the most popular are:

  • Products based on salicylic acid. The salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory effects, by removing effectively the outer shell layer and the remittance of the cover of the skin. The disadvantage is the annoying effect, and the weakening of the hair, which leads to their fragility.
  • Coal tar. The action is based on a slowdown in the growth of skin cells, which helps restore a more normal appearance. Also the resin reduce the itching and inflammation.

In some cases, psoriasis in the head treatment become injection of anti-inflammatory steroids in diseased regions of the skin. Often, this therapy is relevant in a soft during the illness.

Struggle with scalp psoriasis help phototherapy, in which they are used lasers and other light sources. For example, an excimer laser concentrates the radiation at a high intensity on the affected areas; avoid contact with healthy skin. The ultraviolet radiation is used for the treatment coverage of the skin of the head. In the case of a short haircut is recommended that you simply leave for a short period of time natural under the rays of the sun.

The course of the disease and the prevention

Unfortunately, causal therapy (i.e. the treatment aimed at the cause of the disease) does not exist. However, symptomatic treatment and physiotherapy can help eliminate unwanted signs of the disease, control the repeated episodes and to prevent relapse of psoriasis.

The course of the disease in the majority of cases favorable, and does not lead to serious problems. At the same time, is a long-time psoriasis on the head with the advent of the "fresh" signs serves as a pretext to convert into a healthcare facility.

Because in this moment there is no scientific research that might establish the cause of the development of the disease and the dysfunction of the immune system in general, preventing the development of psoriasis in predisposed individuals rather difficult. Experts there is no single answer to the question about how to cure psoriasis in head. At the same time the symptomatic treatment helps prevent the spread and progression of the process.

People who suffer from scalp psoriasis, you may use the recommendation and tips, thanks to which the prevention of the recurrence of the state:

  1. Promptly consult a dermatologist and get the treatment you need. Ointments, or oral medications allow you to not only prevent the progression of the disease, but also improve the quality of life by reducing itching and rashes.
  2. Treat the scalp "gently": avoid vigorous washing and combing of hair, as can lead to their breakage and loss.
  3. Avoid scratches. Scratches can result in the development of bleeding and, perhaps, infection.
  4. See a psychologist or enroll in a support group, whether because of appearance, feel constant psychological discomfort.
  5. Timely hydration is a kind of popular method. This will not lead to cure of the psoriasis, but it allows you to improve the condition and appearance of the skin.
  6. Avoid known triggers. Define, which often results in a relapse of the disease and try not to let these factors to his life.