Psoriasis in children

Children's psoriasis — is regrettable phenomenon not only for small patients, but also for their parents. It is a chronic disease causes anxiety and concern of adults for the health of the children. Fortunately, the disease does not refer to contagious infections, is not transmitted by contact with other children and through objects of domestic use. What are the causes of the onset of psoriasis in children and if you can cure it?

The cause of the children of psoriasis

The life of a child full of emotional impulses, the joys, the sorrows, and the physical activity is very much an adult. Vulnerable body physiologically and psychologically, from here comes most of the causes of psoriasis. The doctors have joined their list:

  • In the first place there is the genetics. If one of the parents of a sick child of psoriasis in 25% of cases the child will inherit the disease. When the disease of both parents the risk increases up to 50-70%.
  • A strong allergy. The children eat a lot of products that relate to serious allergens (chocolate, seafood, citrus fruit, berries). Acting in the body, causing stress to the digestive tract and have a negative impact on the nervous system of the child patient.
  • Stress associated with the physical action. Found that approximately 18% of the children suffering from psoriasis, has gained its cause, and physical stress (hypothermia, severe abrasions, heat stroke).
  • The mental strain. Small body unstable emotionally, it takes the death of loved ones, the scandals in the family, communication problems in the school, situational fears. The parents ' task is to reduce those emotions.
  • Metabolism disorders because of wrong diet, when the parents do not follow the menu your child.

The diagnosis of psoriasis in child

A specialist is enough to see the first signs of psoriasis in children for a diagnosis during the external inspection of the small patient. To exclude other diseases of the skin, most often occurring in the pediatric age group, it is assigned bioscopy (scraping) of the skin and the analysis of blood and urine.

What forms of psoriasis suffer from children? To understand how it has the psoriasis in children, it is necessary to know the forms. Doctors divide the disease for a few main types:

  • Soriano shape. Caused staphylococcal infection. Rashes are the reddish stains up to a size of 1 cm is Manifested by patches of psoriasis in children on the legs, arms, trunk. When a weakened immunity and susceptibility to disease square spots increases.
  • Asymmetrical shape. Type of disease that affects the joints of the limbs. The external signs of psoriasis in children by the hand, in combination with a pain syndrome, when the child complains that he hurt the fingers. This aspect can turn into psoriatic arthritis, which is very dangerous for the health.
  • Pustular form. In children rarely develops. Note the appearance of small papules, gradually blend in a big spot. In more severe cases, rashes may completely cover the body.
  • Erythrodermic view. Accompanied by a the inflammatory process and swelling of the areas.
  • Vulgar form. Psoriasis occurs in children on the head in the shape of a pink acne. It can affect small and large joints. Appears on the same positions.

The symptoms of psoriasis in children

Notice the first symptoms of psoriasis in children is difficult, because the disease manifests as a small, discreet of the speck. The stain does not attract the attention of the child, not scratched, does not hurt, the child does not complain and parents. Skin rashes on the head are seen less, if the son or daughter of the thickness of the hair, and the number of eruptions in the slightest.

It is easier to recognize psoriasis in children on the face, when papules around the cheeks, forehead, ears. Rashes may be accompanied by the following:

  • itching;
  • strong redness of the skin;
  • chills and fever.

A particularly strong manifestation of the disease in those areas of the skin that are closely in contact with the clothes. Rubbing of the fabric on the affected area causes the itch and the inflammation, can damage the epidermis, resulting in the progression of the disease. New papules will quickly turn into large plates, which connect to each other and form a scrub up to 5 cm in diameter. What are the methods of struggle with the disease, offering the modern medicine?

Methods of treatment children of psoriasis

The modern methods of treatment of psoriasis in children are quite effective to stop the progress of the disease. Completely clean the body from the disease does not work. In the case of young patients takes place in primary patient, which allows to determine the stage and type of disease, but also to adopt the right tactics for his treatment.

Medical therapy

In the medical therapy of children of psoriasis are used the same drugs, such as for the treatment of diseases in adults. A little patient can be assigned:

  • Sedative sedatives (Motherwort, Valerian). Drugs to reduce emotional arousal of the child and feel the aggravation of a chronic process. Particularly useful funds in school-age children, when you change the rhythm of life of the children.
  • Desensitizing, debilitating an allergic reaction, drugs (5% calcium gluconate or 10% calcium chloride). On the background of allergy platelets ignite, which gives a strong discomfort for the child.
  • If itching is a concern about a child always, take antihistamines medicines in the range of the assay.
  • Tranquilizers reduce physical activity, which helps protect children from injury in the affected areas.
  • The vitamins of the group b is Administered drugs for injection. The admission to the course — 10-20 shots.
  • The vitamins c and A.
  • The transfusion of the blood combine with the weekly introduction of albumin.
  • Pyrogens, can improve the permeability of blood vessels. Drugs able to reduce the speed of cell division of the skin, preventing the formation of new plaques.
  • In some cases, when the disease is difficult, it is prescribed glucocorticosteroids.

Listed the medications the patient should receive in a hospital setting or under close medical supervision.

Application of external funds

Important tools for the treatment of psoriasis are considered as ointments, creams, and lotions. Use them for the treatment of the affected areas.

If the children have the psoriasis on the face or the head, apply euphyllinic or papaverine ointment. The medication rubbed soft movements, trying hard not to interrupt the surface of the platelets.

For the hands and feet is useful for making bandages with salicylic acid, sulphur, tar, or prednisolone ointments. Apply the ointment on the affected area, wrap with cellophane, sealed with a bandage and leave the bandage on the night. Under the influence of the composition of the medicine plate soften, reduced their manifestation, and fall in flakes.

Local and with the addition of sapropel improves the water balance of the skin, relieve inflammation and itching. If the precipitation is touched the whole of the body, the use of sapropel for healing baths.

For more treatments

In addition to pills and ointments, in the treatment of psoriasis in children use physio procedures. The sedative bath and UV reduce the severity of symptoms of the disease, to facilitate its course, which eliminates the patient from unpleasant sensations in the form of itching and pain.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on how competence to eliminate the causes of the disease. Thus, for young patients with psoriasis is compulsory for oral rehabilitation. The procedure helps identify and eliminate foci of infection (dental caries).

Prevention of children psoriasis

Also knowing the causes of psoriasis, a disease that is difficult to predict, especially, to determine exactly when you can demonstrate. Because the child is not able to build your own life to reduce the risk of disease, should parents perform preventive mission.


What is important to remember?

Parents should always remember that psoriasis is an incurable disease, who will remain with the child throughout life. If from infancy to teach the correct way to eat, to dress, to comply with the procedures of hygiene, then in the future it will be easier to carry the disease and she does not enter into the severe form.

Of course, if someone of adults suffering from psoriasis, prevent the appearance of his son or daughter, it is almost impossible. If you speak of other causes, it is possible to delete. Follow the following rules:

  • Take care of the children from psychological and physical surge. Try to avoid the family scandals before the eyes of the daughter or of the son. Make sure that the child is not long been cold, hasn't done a big load of work for your body physically, and he did not stay long under the sun, head uncovered, in order not to get heat stroke.
  • Buy children's clothing, made with natural materials, does not contain chemical dyes.
  • Carefully compose the diet of children. In the menu the child must not be present for products with a strong allergenic a symptom. Eliminate the dishes that had already provoked an allergic reaction to your child.
  • If the child is ill with a cold or another illness, to give him the medicines prescribed by the doctor. Do not self-medicate.
  • Any, even the most harmless to your look medication, can strengthen the process of the disease, give a lot of discomfort to your treasure.