The psoriasis on face symptoms and treatment

Psoriasis is one of the most ugly skin. The most common are psoriatic precipitation on the limbs and on the trunk. And if the psoriasis be on your face? Unfortunately, perhaps, and it offers a lot of unpleasant experiences for patients suffering from this disease.

the symptoms of psoriasis on the face

The symptoms of psoriasis on the face

The initial phase of psoriasis on the face is usually manifested in the late fall or winter. At this time, the skin becomes particularly vulnerable. A precursor of the disease becomes unbearable itching. The symptoms of the initial phase of psoriasis on the face is very reminiscent of food allergies, or without irritation of the skin appear inflamed patches of small size (about a pinhead), located mainly on the forehead or on the cheeks. However, with the passage of time they grow in size and, when melted, to take a look compacted nodules — papules, with a pale red color. Particularly intense this happens, if the comb papules, which absolutely can not do, because in their place can form scars. Gradually, skin rashes begin to fill nasolabial triangle and the wings of the nose, the frontal area, lips, to penetrate under the hair, passing over the ears, which covers almost the entire area of the face.

Further signs of the disease may be described as "a combination of three phenomena":

  • The platelets surround the soft flakes;
  • With a further stairwell below them is detected scarlet skin, as if it were covered in lucidity (terminal film);
  • If you continue to scrape the skin starts to crack and bleed small droplets of blood (the blood rose).

In adulthood, the most common is seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis on the face with the characteristic feature of psoriasis "crown" — the accumulation of papules, on the border with the part of the head. Hidradenitis of the crust, which in this form, the crack, causing a lot of pain. For children, the most common type of psoriasis of the skin of the face, the call to drop. At the beginning of the disease may be mistaken for a trivial diathesis.

The causes of

Psoriasis, including e – psoriasis on the face, not without reason it is considered to be one of the most mysterious diseases. The controversies over its etiology does not subside until now. Among the professionals, there are the supporters of the primacy of the endocrine system, autoimmune, psychosomatic theories, and, recently, it is increasingly popular the theory of the genetics of the onset of psoriasis. To some extent this is confirmed the ubiquitous statistics, stating that every third of the four cases of this Dermatosis, someone of the relatives is also its bearer. No special causes debates among experts, perhaps, only three circumstances:

  • The disease leads polietiologic description: explain its origin in a cause is impossible;
  • This disease can be for years and years, even tens of years of driving a phase of stable remission, but a cure does not arrive;
  • the transfer of psoriasis through direct contact excluded: it is not contagious.

Be that as it may, but psoriatic precipitation, can cover almost all parts of the body, including, for example, that can not hide from the eyes of the other, it expresses the psychological distress in the first place – most ill.

Types of psoriasis on the face

Of itself the disease is rather complex classification with a lot of variety. For the type of flow it can be divided into two large groups: with pustular and non-pustular progress. It is curious that each species has its own "privilegium" areas defeat. This is especially true for do not fall under the general classification branch of the species, for example, seborrheal similar event. It is a circumstance much in helping physicians make an accurate diagnosis, then, and to choose the tactics of therapy.

For the gravity losses vary light and heavy form of psoriasis – depending on the total area of defeat and system manifestations of the disease.

Note that a person is not part of the most typical areas psoriatic defeat. In any case, for him the most typical form of seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis vulgaris, which then extends to the border with the coverage of the hair, and under him, producing, at first sight, the impression is normal dandruff.

The initial phase of the disease

Psoriasis on the face celebrating the rapid development of the cause of the receptivity of the skin in this area. In the initial phases of psoriasis on the face we have already said. It follows the phase of call fixed, when platelets buy shades of light, a form of papule becomes rounded, with silvery scales. Usually, these metamorphoses occur for about a month after the onset of the disease.

The next stage is considered to be decadent. In this phase, the platelets already almost does not stand out on the skin and pale. The desire of their combing passes, papules cincta tents and stratum labrum. This process continues, on average, from two to six months.

to cure psoriasis on the face

To cure psoriasis on the face?

The treatment of the disease occupies a dermatologist, and already during the first suspicions about psoriasis visit him, don't delay: the sooner you start treatment, the more fast facial psoriasis enters in a phase of remission. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that the treatment of psoriasis – a process long and complicated. Some miraculous drugs do not exist, and the treatment suggests a complete solution with the application of different mechanisms of exposure.

Ointment for the treatment of psoriasis on the face

The most effective way to combat the disease are external means in the form of ointments, lotions, creams. The wide application because of its efficiency are ointment for face psoriasis: how to hormonal, and do not contain hormones. In this case, the former have the stronger, but short-term influence, because they are quickly lead to addiction of the body, and then a new cycle of aggravation. Hormonal drugs is treated, in substance, the psoriasis on face of adults. Non-hormonal act gradually, however, provide remission for a longer period of time.

Smear the face from psoriasis?

Are known the following hormonal funds for the treatment of psoriasis of the skin of the face:

  • to eliminate the scaling apply salicylic ointment, and mixed-salicylic -blue gives an anti-inflammatory effect and dries the skin;
  • excellent anti-inflammatory properties readings have ointments, the basis of which is this tar or grease;
  • zinc ointment protects the skin from the negative effects of the external environment, reduces swelling, fights inflammation;
  • the overwhelming impact of the diseased cells have ointments containing vitamin D;
  • antipruritic, are famous for the effect of oily drugs, especially needed when the acute phase of the disease is already finished and starts the recovery;
  • to moisturize the skin apply a cream based on plant extracts with the content of calendula, celandine, chamomile and other medicinal plants.

Hormonal ointment vary in the strength of its impact: from relatively weak, to the most powerful.

Usually, ointments for facial psoriasis should be applied before going to sleep, when the body is at complete rest – in this case, the therapeutic effect is much higher.

Because of the many side effects of hormonal drugs, it is necessary to apply a greater degree of caution and only after your doctor's instructions. The self-medication is strictly prohibited – it can lead to irreversible consequences for health.

Procedural therapy

In addition to these drugs are applied physiotherapy treatments.

The sedative effect give daily sessions electrosleep, in the course of from 20 minutes to half an hour for at least a week. Photochemotherapy and ultraviolet rays are assigned to the doctor in the periods of attenuation of a disease and increase the time of remission. In some cases, it may be assigned to the irradiation of x-rays of the affected areas. More secure in this sense is considered to be the laser therapy.

The perfect complement to the basic treatment is hygienic-health therapy.

Pharmacological treatment

As far as the medicines that are prescribed only when it is of long date and advanced forms in the treatment of seborrheic psoriasis on the face. These funds relate, in particular:

  • cytostatic, slowing the division epitelyarnyh cells, such as, for example, methotrexate;
  • immune depressive type of cyclosporin A, to suppress the flow of processes of autoimmune;
  • glucocorticoids for internal use;
  • biologically active substances avastin and alefacept by blocking the proliferation of abnormal cells.

The acquisition of all of these medicines takes place only under medical supervision.

Folk remedies psoriasis on the face

Treatment of psoriasis on the face folk remedies also gives a positive result, but only when you apply them under the control of the attending physician and in combination with other methods of struggle with the disease. Based on the traditional medicine – natural components, they have therefore also recommended for the treatment of children. Are featured all types of hair dyes, herbal, bath with medicines, decoctions, ointments and face masks for the psoriasis, is prepared according to the "grandmother's recipes". For example, well soothe the skin, the salt masks the taxes in the clean face (better sea salt), tar, masks and ointments. Good impact sea buckthorn oil, which has as external and internal application, as well as lavender and coconut oil. It is recommended the consumption of fruits that contain carotene, pumpkin, and fruit, with red and orange color. A certain result and also give homeopathic remedies.

Despite the complexity of the disease, the main part of the treatment of psoriasis on the face home made (with rare exceptions). Important is the exact fulfillment of medical indications that include:

  • a careful hygiene of the skin and protect you from all sorts of negative influences: mechanical, climatic, environmental;
  • the diet, especially during periods of exacerbation of psoriasis on the face. We must abandon completely annoying and pillows, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages products;
  • the periodic visit of a dermatologist

And now, the answer to the main question: how to get rid of psoriasis on the face?

Unfortunately, to recover completely from the disease is impossible. However, performing medical prescriptions, and observing the measures of prevention and maintaining a proper mental attitude, it is possible to maximize the duration of remission periods, still maintaining a high quality of life.