The treatment of psoriasis: a list of the most effective tools

Psoriasis is one of the most mysterious and poorly treatable illnesses. Get rid of him once and for all is impossible. The only thing on which they can rely for the sick, is the achievement of a remission. Also, the messaging and the conventional wisdom of the world, the medical community techniques of treatment of psoriasis does not exist, as there is a medicine, one hundred percent that guarantees the offensive of remission.

The treatment of psoriasis

The tactics of treatment of this complex disease of the skin depends on a number of parameters:

  • Type of psoriasis;
  • The age of the patient;
  • The presence of concomitant diseases;
  • The severity and history of exacerbations;
  • Location and size defeats.

The treatment of psoriasis is almost always complex: the part of drugs and procedures, aims to eliminate most causes psoriatic exacerbations part aims to alleviate the annoying symptoms of the disease, and the part you need to keep your body's defenses. The sad thing is that almost half of the patients does not help none of the three approaches for the treatment of psoriasis. And that medication, that has helped thousands of people to drive the psoriasis in a strong remission for several years, it may with great probability have no effect on another thousand.

In this article, we will discuss all known at the time, the tools and techniques of the treatment of psoriasis, even the most controversial, and we will try to give an answer to the question of where to begin person who has heard from a doctor in a disappointing diagnosis. During the use of numerous techniques, procedures and medicines, is able to gather statistics on their effectiveness.

Comparative analysis of the efficacy of treatment methods of psoriasis

According to the results of numerous surveys of people who suffer from psoriasis, the ranking of the best methods of treatment of this disease looks like this:

  • 37% - a Ointment based on petroleum refining;
  • 33% - the Observance of a special diet – i.e., of the rejection of products, the use that causes an aggravation of the psoriasis;
  • 26% - the climate Change, the balneotherapy and spa treatments. Almost a third of the patients we observe an improvement of well-being only because of the transfer to the countryside, where the mild maritime climate and the environment clean air. At the same number of patients in the winter to prevent the worsening helps annual holiday in a nursing home.
  • 19% - Salt baths – very effective, as in the framework of a spa treatment, as well as home treatments. Sea salt contains potassium, magnesium, iodine and other minerals, beneficial that affects the skin affected by psoriasis, relieve itching and flaking, and also improve the sleep of the patient due to a relaxing action on the nerve endings. We recommend that you buy in a pharmacy quality natural sea salt and make the bathroom 2-4 times a week for the night;
  • 14% - a Ointment based on tar – good relieve itching , promote healing psoriatic platelets;
  • 12% - phototherapy Selective – physiotherapy treatment method of psoriasis, based on an impact on the skin, the ultraviolet light with a particular wavelength. Not all patients, but some allows you to 1,5-2 months of regular procedures to achieve the biennale of remission;
  • 12% - Potent hormonal ointment. First, give a very good therapeutic effect, but then the condition of patients worsens drastically, it is necessary to apply an ointment, more and more often, and helps her getting worse and worse. It's a vicious circle, which is comparable with drug addiction. Prolonged use of these drugs leads to dysfunction of the adrenal cortex and the progressive atrophy of the skin;
  • 12% - Saunas, Turkish baths, saunas and swimming pools, absolutely harmless, but ineffective method of treatment of psoriasis. According to the majority of patients, the stay in the sauna followed by swimming in cold water can soothe the itching and ensure a good night's sleep, which in and of itself is already good enough. But there are people that have psoriasis vice versa aggravated by the excessive humidity and temperature variations;
  • 12% - Sports and activities – any enjoyable physical activity, whether cycling, dancing, hiking or playing football, will help to improve the health, strengthen the immune system, improve mood and self-esteem of the patient, which can not but have a beneficial influence on the current of psoriasis;
  • 12% - an Ointment at the base of calcitriol or calzipotriola – these drugs saturate the skin, the active form of vitamin D, well, penetrate in the blood and to normalize the metabolism of calcium compromise, and it almost always leads to a reduction in, and gradual disappearance of psoriatic platelets. Disadvantages: ointment dear, the best - German production, were made, above all, under the order;
  • 10% - Therapeutic fasting – radical method of treatment of psoriasis, they can obtain a remission or at least reduce the area of skin lesions, almost all patients, but it has a lot of contraindications. Courses of fasting therapy it is better to spend in a hospital environment, and, even more, they can't start to fast voluntarily, without investigation and consultation with a specialist;
  • 10% - Ointment salicylic acid – strictly speaking, they do not treat the psoriasis, but to promote the healing of the platelets. After the skin it cleans the stratum corneum, it is advisable to begin the treatment by other means, for example, the same grease. These ointments in a certain sense prepare the skin, as it improves the absorption of active substances;
  • Herbal medicine
  • 10% - Herbal medicine – this term refers to all the techniques of psoriasis treatment with the medicinal plants: ointments, lotions, sponging, compresses, taking decoctions and infusions inside. Good the effectiveness is demonstrated by the roots of burdock, marsh hawks, air, dandelion, couch grass, chicory, blueberries, chamomile, series, st. john's wort, celandine, nettle, raspberry, birch, oregano, lettuce and many other plants, however, herbal medicine is always full of allergies and side effects;
  • 9% - Therapeutic baths with essence of turpentine, and a decoction herbal – a more secure method of the treatment of psoriasis, because the active ingredients act on the skin for only a short time. If you do not have contraindications to receive hot baths, try to take them one day for 20 minutes, adding the water, heated to 38 degrees, pine oleoresin, crushed plantain,decoction of buds of birch, juniper leaf, or the herb valerian;
  • 8% Light rain, and combined hormonal masi – are often used during the season of exacerbation of psoriasis, when all other methods fail to stop the growth of platelets, and unbearable itching. The treatment of psoriasis ointments should be approached with great care, not to have recourse to him in vain, and cancel gradually;
  • 8% - Chelating agent – a good addition to the diet, help to cleanse the bowel of debris and normalize, and then, the composition of the blood, which is destined to have a positive effect on the whole psoriasis;
  • 7% Ultraviolet, and quartz radiation – some patients suffering from psoriasis help regular visits to a solarium, especially in combination with the use of ointments the active vitamin D. However, the quartz lamp is preferable, if not because of a lower risk of development of oncology with regular irradiation;
  • 7% - Vitamin – very controversial method of treatment of psoriasis, since in some patients therapeutic doses of vitamins cause a rapid improvement of health, and others – the same rapid deterioration, with a strong allergy and dyspeptic disorders in the bargain;
  • 4% - dietary Supplements – an inexhaustible source of profits of the pharmaceutical companies, to which psoriasis, with its chronic and purely individual in the course of it is a gold mine. Before buying Beware and ask what is composed: it will not be so, that it is already used without success, or, worse still, have you started aggravation;
  • 4% - Immunomodulatory – serious and prepared to apply that for the treatment of psoriasis can only be the witness of an immunologist and on the basis of the data immunogram, otherwise you can only do worse;
  • 4% of calcium Salts and sodium (calcium chloride, sodium gluconate sodium thiosulfate) – sometimes with a short course of these injections can stop the worsening of psoriasis and reduce the pain of symptoms, but as a treatment method for the introduction of salts of calcium and sodium is not considered;
  • 4% - liver protectors – stimulate and maintain the function of the liver, and then, indirectly, helping to purify the blood from toxins and prevent the aggravation of psoriasis. No diets do not work;
  • 4% - dental care – in some patients, aggravation of psoriasis occur because of undertreated teeth, when the oral cavity is constant, an outbreak of inflammation and a breeding ground for bacteria, whose waste enters into the blood stream. To help a patient, it is sometimes sufficient to heal the tooth decay;
  • 3% - Cleaning of the body – refers to not only intestinal cleansing method of colon hydrotherapy, but and detergents, courses for other organs: the liver, lungs, kidneys. All of these activities beneficial effect on the whole psoriasis;
  • 3% - Therapy with pests – the presence in the body of a worm, giardia, and other parasites inevitably leads to poisoning the products of their activity, and the contamination of the blood wraps around the flash of the psoriasis. Therefore, all patients are advised prior to passing stool for analysis;
  • 3% - Hardware cleansing of the blood, which is used in the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis in the hospital environment. It gives a very good therapeutic effect, but lacking a little – about a year and a half-two months;
  • 3% - Cosmetics creams and oils – a good idea to help you cope with the peeling of the skin, especially if applied immediately after bath or shower. The simplest and most natural composition of cosmetics, it is better. Give preference for children, creams based on vegetable oils;
  • 3% - Seers, and healers – to assess the efficacy of magic treatment of psoriasis, for obvious reasons, is not possible, however, patients sorcerers claim that recovered thanks sessions, and demonstrate the skin clean. Well, the power of suggestion has not been cancelled;
  • 3% anti-Inflammatory drugs for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis – some patients with psoriasis conventional avoid exacerbations helps to prior exchange acceptance of these funds;
  • 2,5% - Sulfuric acid and sulfo-ointment zinc – simple medications for the treatment of skin parasitic infections (scabies), but can also reduce the itching and flaking of psoriasis;
  • 2,5% - Purified, fusion, activated, and charged the water – there are many techniques to give the simple water of therapeutic properties, but with certainty we can say that drinking water does not damage your health, but help you to overcome the psoriasis is a great question;
  • 2% - Homeopathy – treatment microscopic doses of natural poisons with the objective of initiating the reaction of the immune response to defeat the disease. In psoriasis technique ineffective;
  • 2% - infrared Heat and radiation – the controversial method of psoriasis treatment, because some patients heating leads to a worsening instead of improving well-being;
  • 2% - corticosteroid Injections – "fire brigade" technique, which is resorted to only in the hospital environment, and only in the absence of other ways to help the patient the most difficult form of psoriasis;
  • 2% - Oats-bath – safe and a simple way to reduce the inflammation and the itching psoriasis;
  • 2% - Cytostatic – toxic drugs, it is destructive and affects the kidneys and the liver. Are used for the treatment of life-threatening forms of psoriasis and under strict medical supervision;
  • 1,5% - Apitherapy – treatment of bee products, and more precisely – the bee venom. The principle apitherapy close to homeopathy, - it is expected that the venom stimulates the immune system of the patient. Sometimes it works, but let's not forget that the bee venom is one of the most powerful allergens natural;
  • 1,5% - Naphthalan oil – a natural unique product, the product, on the homonymous azeri town of Naphthalan and used for the treatment of psoriasis with the method of application, and baths;
  • 1,5% - Fungicides – drugs for internal and external treatment of fungal diseases. Sometimes facilitate the condition of patients suffering from psoriasis, apply only on the prescription of the doctor because of the risk of complications;
  • Starch bath
  • 1% - Yoga, meditation, hypnosis, auto-training, neuro-linguistic programming and other methodologies for the management of personality can be useful in the treatment of psoriasis, because of the good intonation depends on the success of healing for any type of disease;
  • 1% - Starch from the bathroom, too nice to relieve the itching and reduces flaking. The starch can be very dry skin, but some patients need just such an effect. For a procedure, you need to melt it in a saucepan with fresh water and 800 g of potato starch, and then pour the solution into a warm bath;
  • 1% - Medication with vitamin A, provide the symptomatic treatment of psoriasis, as it is the deficiency of this vitamin in man develops the tendency to the dryness and flaking of the skin;
  • 0,5% - Acupuncture – a technique based on a impact with the help of thin needles into biologically active points of the body, the relationship with the competent authorities. Very controversial and dangerous method: it is necessary, in the first place, an expert in acupuncture, and in the second place – the great good fortune of acupuncture in general worked;
  • 0,5% - Bioresonance therapy and the therapy of the waves – a modern physiotherapy techniques, which are not well-controlled in practice, and can not yet boast of great success in the treatment of psoriasis;
  • 0,2% - Breathing exercises, laser therapy and other techniques of questionable merit attention, but they can hardly guarantee a positive result.