Shampoo the psoriasis: the most effective, how to wash the head

Psoriasis in the head usually does not harm the hair, but it manifests itself unbearable itching. Because of a tangle of papules patient damage the mantle, and in their place, new items will appear. To avoid the worsening of the symptoms of the disease, doctors prescribe a special shampoo. These funds have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal properties.

shampoo psoriasis

The types of shampoo from psoriasis

If a serious illness, the platelets are dense, the crust, spread to the whole head. The bags appear to be in line of hair growth. Items can leave on the forehead and the ears. The main problem with this disease is cosmetic flaws in the form of flaking, which can lead to disorders of socialization. Even more serious problem for the patient may become unbearable itching.

Many topical remedies, or phototherapy are ineffective for psoriasis of the scalp: the hair, prevent the contact of medicinal substances with defeats.

Cover the head needs more tender care. Shampoos are selected on the basis of substances, providing the following operations:

  • sore;
  • soften;
  • relieve the inflammation;
  • delete from the mushrooms.

As a shampoo to wash your hair for psoriasis? The most popular and recognized types of shampoo are listed below:

  • tar;
  • anti-fungal;
  • therapeutic drug;
  • cosmetics;
  • child;
  • hormonal.

Before application it is necessary to study the composition of the funds. In normal shampoo are sodium lauryl, with high dermatological stiffness. It aggravates the inflammation, destroying the protective cover. Perfumes, dyes, preservatives that cause irritation and allergies, that when the pathology is not valid.

The best option for the patient with psoriasis of the scalp — hypoallergenic products with emollients components — Glyceryl oleate, Cocoamid the GODDESS, the Concentration of sodium Cocoyl Glutamate and others. Usually this special neutral or baby shampoo.

The effective substances of these products: coal tar, salicylic acid, plant extracts, natural oils.

Medicated shampoos

Medicinal shampoo psoriasis contains components that help to eliminate the symptoms of disease (such as zinc, ichthyol, salicylic acid).

Also, they are effective products with zinc (form zinc with fungicide and antibacterial). A substance able to slow down the production of skin cells, reduce the manifestations of flaking and itching. Pyrithione zinc — one of the most secure medicinal components, shampoo, as well as has a minimum of side effects and does not damage the hair. It can be used in periods of remission for the prevention, but only on doctor's prescription.

Tar shampoo

Tar shampoo for psoriasis — it is quite effective and inexpensive. But some patients may abandon its application due to the pigmentation of the cover of the skin, hair and the pungent smell. In the composition contains birch, pine, and juniper tar. Active substances fall into the inflamed covering, relieve all the symptoms of anxiety disease: burning, dryness, itching. There are shampoo different concentrations: 1%-20%. Usually you use two times a week. Tar shampoos are less effective than hormonal or medication, but the side-effects and spontaneous relapses of the disease patients notice less after its application.

Tar inhibits the synthesis of DNA in cells, corrects the defect of differentiation of keratinocytes in patients with psoriasis, has an antimicrobial effect, anti-inflammatory.

Antifungal Shampoo

The action of the shampoo with the antimycotic effect is usually not directly addressed to get rid of psoriasis. But the yeast (and in particular of the genus Candida, Malassezia) can grow to become one of the trigger factors of the disease due to inflammation and trauma cover.

How to shampoo with success struggling with a fungal infection. Very effective complex antifungal drugs and local corticosteroids. Anti-fungal products psoriasis in head contain:

  • zinc pyrithione, sulfur, selenium, propylene glycol;
  • azole;

Hormonal shampoo psoriasis

Hormonal shampoo to relieve the inflammation and itching, and narrows the blood vessels. Positive results come quickly, the side-effects if properly applied, are almost not found. But to use these means should be no more than four weeks.

hormonal shampoo

The most effective propionate 0.05%, betamethasone dipropionate 0,05%. Their refers to a group of strong and effective steroid with a high risk of onset of side effects.

Shampoo for children

In products psoriasis for children there are contained perfumes, dyes, harmful components. A good shampoo for children are only medicinal products and useful substances, which have the beneficial effect on the child's scalp with symptoms of psoriasis.

Effective shampoo for psoriasis can assign only one specialist. Incorrect treatment will lead to more relapses and complications.