What to do in case of exacerbation of psoriasis?

Exacerbation of psoriasis is one of the most serious problems in patients who suffer from this disease. What to do during exacerbations? Negative symptoms are accompanied by psychological distress of the patient and REQUIRES MEDICAL INTERVENTION.

Reasons for the development of psoriatic exacerbations rather different. Often there are relapses of the disease in the absence of causes, that is, spontaneously. Therefore, in order to understand how to remove this exacerbation of psoriasis, it is necessary to understand causing factors.


Factors that contribute to the development of psoriasis

Cause psoriatic exacerbations are not fully understood. Relapse can be accompanied by symptoms, negative and last a long time.

Often trigger the development of a aggravation can:

  • excessive physical activity;
  • a situation of stress, meltdowns, emotional;
  • chronic infections of the body;
  • if the patient has disorders of the endocrine system;
  • the sharp change of climatic conditions;
  • a wrong diet;
  • the long-term use of certain drugs;
  • the abuse of alcohol, smoking;
  • chemical irritants and cosmetics.

Aggravation is possible at any time of the year, but more often the psoriasis is observed in the fall and winter. This is possible because in the summer the natural ultraviolet rays have a positive effect on the skin of the patient, acting as a prevent the development of psoriasis.

In the same period of aggravation of the psoriasis (in winter and in autumn), it was observed the LACK of sunlight AND the EFFECTS ON the BODY LOW TEMPERATURES. Then, usually, in this period increases the frequency of development of viral diseases, reduce the immune system and, therefore, debilitating the body, making it vulnerable.

It should be noted that sometimes occur in atypical cases, when the psoriasis is intensifying in the spring and summer season. In this case, the exposure to the sunlight causes an inflammatory process on the skin. Such patients is recommended in the summer to protect the skin from solar rays.

The symptoms development of aggravation

Usually, the consequences of psoriasis are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • the formation of papules, after the disappearance, whose skin is light pink in the film.
  • in addition, papules, there are places of lesions of the skin;
  • the skin of the patient blush, appears unbearable itching and flaking;
  • observe the feeling of dryness and tension of the skin.

When the appearance of such symptoms is necessary to consult a dermatologist, as well as the timely treatment can stop the worsening of the development of psoriasis.

the symptoms

The worsening of the disease during pregnancy and after childbirth

During the period of pregnancy in patients with psoriasis aggravation perhaps in 10-20% of cases, and improve the general condition can be observed at the end of the first quarter (50% of cases). End the reasons for such course of the disease has not been fully clarified, but it is known that the high level of estrogen and progesterone, that is in this state, has an immunosuppressive effect of action, while values of cortisol promote anti-inflammatory exposed.

Suppose exacerbation of psoriasis in pregnancy, and its absence could be, given the history of previous pregnancies. Usually, in 87% of cases, the next pregnancy, in a similar way to the previous one. Many expectant mothers worried about the issue of WHAT to DO WITH EXACERBATION of PSORIASIS, AND HOW to avoid it?

It is important to remember that a patient with a predisposition to psoriatic manifestations needed during pregnancy, always the intervention of a doctor. Otherwise, aggravation of psoriasis symptoms can lead to an early beginning of the birth and the birth of a child with malnutrition.

Hormonal changes in the body of a woman after childbirth and breastfeeding can give you "rollback" (the opposite effect), when the psoriasis develops at an accelerated pace. This is due to the fact that the body as a result of childbirth globally rebuilt. Of the 16 patients examined after the birth, the 6 women psoriasis severe acute. 8 was observed in the average aggravation, and only the 2 young women after childbirth psoriasis has not been shown.

Usually, after childbirth is not recommended pharmacological treatment (excluding pathological events), as well as there is the probability of hitting of the drugs through the breastmilk to the baby.

The treatment of exacerbation of psoriasis

Because the causes of aggravation can be very different, to cure the disease must be complete. For this you require a special diet, physiotherapy, medication, and prevention.


NUTRITION. The mainstay of treatment exacerbation of psoriasis is hypo-allergenic diet, therefore, need to revise your diet to include more of the product. A positive effect of psoriasis has vegetarian, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables, which allows you to adjust the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. In addition, the diet recommends that you turn on the fish menu, cooked without oil and no bread with added bran.

In the period of acute illness, do not eat salted, smoked, fatty, fried and canned food. The diet also prohibits eating fast food and prepared foods, drinking carbonated beverages sweetened. Do not take drinks based on alcohol.

THE MEDICAL THERAPY. You must consider that the treatment is accompanied by the intake of a sedative, immune, anti-allergic drugs and enterosorbents. In the event of severe development of symptoms is given a hormone treatment.

The traditional treatment includes:

  • the appointment of sedatives, as well as in the period of aggravation of a situation of stress and emotional load can lead to complications of the disease;
  • to relieve the swelling and painful itching has recommended the intake of antihistamines;
  • to quickly display the toxins from the body are assigned chelators;
  • the recovery of the intestinal microflora is made through the use of particular drugs.

In addition to this, during the exacerbation, the doctor may prescribe folic and lipoic acid, that promote the rapid regeneration of the skin, and also vitamin therapy.

EXTERNAL APPLICATION OF FUNDS. Neutralize the acute symptoms of psoriasis is possible with the help of external medicines, the treatment that we recommend in the first place. The positive effect during exacerbations have the following ointment:

  • sulphuric acid;
  • salicylic acid;
  • zinc;
  • external means with the inclusion of tar and solidol.

Acute treatment form of psoriasis external means antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, accelerating exfoliate flakes. It is important to remember that the treatment (general and local) is performed only after consultation with the doctor, as some medications can have side effects and the medication can have a negative result.

PHYSIOTHERAPY. Exacerbation of psoriasis symptoms are the following events:

  • cryotherapy — the low temperatures greatly reduce the process of inflammation;
  • phototherapy — ultraviolet rays inhibit the activity of immune system and impair the treatment process;
  • hirudotherapy — the use of leeches is more effective when the exacerbation of psoriatic arthritis.

Also, doctors recommend to treat psoriatic exacerbation in the resorts of the Black and the Dead sea, where the climate is more favourable.

THE TRADITIONAL TREATMENTS. Almost all patients who suffer from this disease in the course of a long period of time know how to remove this exacerbation of psoriasis with the help of folk medicine.

the traditional methods

The most popular recipes during exacerbations:

  • in the house we recommend that you prepare a lotion from a mixture of medicinal herbs (glycyrrhiza glabra, burdock root, air marsh, nettle and a series) that are equal in number. The mixture of herbs (1 tablespoon) produced hot water and left to cool, after which a solution of wet cloth net, and is applied to the inflamed area of the skin;
  • quite often during the exacerbations of the use of the balm within the bacon + dried grass toadflax. The fat pre-waterlogged and added Lanka, after which the ointment is cooled and used for other purposes;
  • to enhance the therapeutic effect in the home we recommend that you use the bathtub with the addition of sea salt.

You need to remember that quickly cure the psoriasis is not possible, but in respect of all the terms and conditions (diet, prevention and drug therapy), the possibility to achieve long-term remission is high enough.