The modern methods of the treatment of psoriasis

Skin condition are usually manifestations of internal problems of the body: the reduced immunity, diseases of the vital organs, poisoning, stress. Therefore, therapy often years and a disease, such as psoriasis, is still considered incurable. However, there is good news...

When you speak of the impossibility of a complete healing from some kind of disease, which means that it manifests itself in different degrees, throughout life. Do these manifestations are rare and not causing a strong discomfort, modern medicine is in effect.

methods of treatment of psoriasis

What determines the choice of treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease, which can have different causes. Diagnosed at any age in people of both sexes, although most often it is detectable in the periods: 16-22 years and 57-60 years (the so-called peaks of age). According to the World health organization, the psoriasis suffers from the 4% of the population of the globe.

Another name for psoriasis — bow zoster. The disease manifests itself in the form of itchy patches or plaques of pink color, covered with silvery scales. Rashes localized on the knees and elbows folds, scalp, hands, feet. Running forms of psoriasis affecting the nails.

Unlike other types of lichen, psoriasis is not transmitted from person to person and presumably autoimmune in nature. Its treatment should be based first of all on the diagnosis, the reasons for which the body begins to attack the cells of the skin. These reasons may be:

  • genetic predisposition (about a third of the cases);
  • allergies;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • reaction to drugs or overdose on them;
  • damage to the skin in the case of trauma or inflammation;
  • the stress;
  • moved to an infectious disease (flu, sore throat);
  • alcoholism;
  • the smoke of tobacco.

Approximately 30% of patients develop psoriatic arthritis (Psa), which often leads to disability. To avoid this heavy complications, to diagnose psoriasis and begin the treatment you need as soon as possible.

Modern approaches to treatment

Treatment should be individualized and complex, and may not be universal for all scheme, because in the birth and development of psoriasis can be employed too many factors, including the psychological state of the patient. As a general rule, you must apply some of their techniques — starting from the most benign and superficial and gradually increasing the therapeutic effects the various systems of the body. However, this does not solve the problem of comorbidity, which are more than 50% of patients with psoriasis and aggravate the clinical picture — like inflammation in the various departments of the gastro-intestinal tract, ear, nose and throat, the genitourinary system, as well as hypertension, diabetes mellitus. Requires experience and knowledge of the doctors of different areas of medicine, but often a high-efficiency, show the individual methods of alternative treatment. So, the popular approaches of tibetan medicine, in order to optimize all the vital processes of the body with the first procedures.

Methods of effective treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis has been known since antiquity, and the methods of treatment are based on the long observations for the sick. It is established that the reduction of their state to promote the dosed exposure to the sun, proper nutrition, reduction of stress levels, the timely treatment of infections, restoration of large outbreaks of herpes zoster. These data have found their application in the development of several types of therapy.

methods of treatment of psoriasis

Pharmacological treatment

Lasts not less than six weeks, and is essentially external. Primarily of medications, are administered for the psoriasis, they are powerful and have a number of side effects. When the appearance of nausea, vomiting, decreased vision, dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms should consult a doctor immediately.

  • Preparations of vitamins D3, a and E. Masi, have dermatotropic and antipsoriatic action, containing analogues of vitamin D, one — kaltsipotriol , tacalcitol, calcitriol, and also e-vitaminum-sicut funds. Are contraindicated for children and pregnant women should not be applied beyond the 20-35% of the surface of the skin. The combination of drugs with each other and with the vitamin may enhance their therapeutic and side effects. With this in mind, developed a balanced combined external means, which contains a complex of retinol palmitate (vitamin A), alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) and ergocalciferol (vitamin D2).
  • Immunosuppressive drugs (immunosuppressants). These include drugs such as methotrexate , cyclosporine leflunomide. The side effects can affect the kidneys, the pancreas and the liver, and also in arterial hypertension, tremor, weakness, headache, skin reactions. Anti-inflammatory, reduces autoimmune effects.
  • The glucocorticoids. Hormonal funds in the form of ointments, creams, emulsions, gels. They have a marked anti-inflammatory effect, anti-itching, anti-allergic action. Are assigned as a single-component external medicines containing glucocorticoids long duration of action, and III–IV class activity — clobetasol, betamethasone , triamcinolone, mometasone, methylprednisolone, and combined with other existing substances — antibiotics, salicylic acid, and urea. Taking steroid medicines in the psoriasis is not assigned due to the high probability of an effect of cancellation: before there was a significant improvement in the well-being of the patient, but after taking drugs is worse than before treatment. The main idea glucocorticoid therapy — to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect at minimum possible doses.
  • New, innovative drugs. Mainly apply abroad and are distinguished for their high cost. We must understand that the abolition of the immunity usually leads to frequent respiratory infections, and even diarrhea, nausea, and chronic migraines, therefore, in the absence of improvement after five months of using the drugs mentioned above replace.


The effect of light, sound and electrical current of different frequencies is widely used in the treatment of psoriasis and gives a minimum of side effects.

  • The UV-radiation. Effective imitation of the sun, which may be arranged in the clinic, in the solarium or in the house. It is important to coordinate the duration and frequency of treatment with the physician individually and do not exceed them. A side effect — the aging of the skin, the onset of malignant tumors.
  • The use of narrow-band UVB-therapy with a wavelength of 311 nm. An innovative method, applied as monotherapy. The course of the treatment is 2.5 months, while the duration of a procedure of a few minutes. The procedures are assigned three times a week. Observes the visible clinical improvement and sustained remission up to 2 years.
  • Ultrasound therapy. Anti-inflammatory, resolving, pain, antipruritic. Has no contraindications, but may not be used for psoriasis on the scalp.
  • PUVA. Photochemotherapy, effective in skin rashes on the scalp, hands and soles of the feet. The course is 15-25 procedures local exposure to ultraviolet rays, lasting 3-4 hours.
  • Electrophoresis. The procedures aim to improve the state of the nervous system of the patient in cases where there is a strong stress factor. With the help of impact on the brain, weak current pulse, the patient artificially immersed in the sleep. The course can be 12-30 procedures with a duration of 30-40 minutes. The power is turned off immediately after the patient is asleep, the awakening is done alone and quietly.
  • Laser therapy. The course of 7-9 procedures lasting no more than 3 minutes. The laser radiation normalizes and restores the coverage of the skin and prevents the formation of new eruptions. The remission of a duration of not less than one year, and during the integrated treatment of psoriasis can not disturb the patient in the next few years.
methods of treatment of psoriasis tablets

The appointment of the course of physiotherapy it is important not to skip the steps, not to reduce, but not increase their number, at its discretion.

The surgical treatment

Applies very rarely, because it is an additional stress for the organism, but in some cases can greatly improve the condition of the patient.

In the case in which the appearance of psoriasis is associated with the elit body, originating from the large intestine, it applies the method of Martynov. Surgically is restored, the integrity of the special valve between the thin and large intestine, which performs the protective properties, by blocking the road to pathogenic microbes. After this plastic surgery has celebrated been raised about patients not only with psoriasis but also with allergy, bronchial asthma, neurodermatitis, peptic ulcer.

Also the surgical techniques used for psoriasis of the nails, removal of nail may solve the problem, and in its place will grow a healthy nail plate.


Spa treatment in the warm sea or mountain climate in the beautiful seasons that has a beneficial effect on the condition of the suffering from psoriasis. The most popular coast of the Dead sea (Israel, Jordan), mountains of the Pamir (Tajikistan). Particularly effective is the combination of a favorable climate, and a course of baths.

Dietary therapy

Excess weight is one of the trigger factors of psoriasis, also, in this disease there are often cases of hepatic steatosis. Dietary therapy requires the complete abandonment from alcohol, fatty foods and spicy, the reduction in the diet the amount of flour and pastry products. The base power must be dairy products, meat, plant products, useful fish. If the patient in the course of life, there were also isolated cases of allergic reactions or other products — for example, chocolate, citrus, honey — them must also be excluded.

The correction of the life style

For those suffering from psoriasis are not valid all the options of intoxication of the organism, connected with the way of life: smoking, alcohol intake, consumption of fast food, work in hazardous occupations, use of pungent chemicals. In the local should monitor the frequency of cleaning, accumulation of dust and pet hair not caused the onset of allergies. Reduction in the levels of stress, sound sleep, timely relaxation, walks in the open air will be of benefit to the patient of psoriasis.

Dietary therapy and the correction of the life style — a deceptively simple treatment methods. If the ban list is too long and acts on the patient depressing, use will not be. We need to distinguish between household appliances and drunkenness, and alcoholism, the situation in the smoke of tobacco and the dependency to nicotine, food, promiscuity and the lust of the products are harmful, cause diseases, and hormonal. If you have years of bad habits need further diagnosis and treatment of concomitant diseases.

The methods of traditional medicine

At home to alleviate the condition of sufferers of psoriasis often appeal to the people disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and antiburn means. It is the various ointments and lotions with a base of birch tar, solidol, copper sulfate, hot baths with herbs like celandine, a series), or salts. The ingredients can be bought individually and mix the selected prescription buy in the pharmacy, the finished ointment or herbal the instrument for the bathroom. Side effects are usually minimal, but the therapeutic effect is badly expressed. These methods can be applied as an extra in the composition for integrated treatment of psoriasis.

The approaches of tibetan medicine

The tibetan medicine is valid in the treatment of psoriasis in several different ways:

  • cleaning of lymph, blood, liver, of the bile ducts;
  • the normalization of metabolic processes;
  • improving immunity;
  • the harmonisation emotional background;
  • the removal of the skin, itching, and burning.
methods of treatment of psoriasis ointment

To achieve these objectives are the various types of points of therapy (acupuncture, moxibustion), massage (spot, empty, with hot stones), a complex based on herbs (teas, ointments, compresses, baths). Unlike tibetan medicine, soft — suspendisse-free impact on the body on a deeper level, allows you to make the treatment of the causes of psoriasis with the first procedure, which usually does not offer the european medicine. Sensitive to the methods of tibetan medicine, the patients can get a couple of weeks, the effect is comparable with the multi-annual integrated treatment in european hospitals.

Psoriasis is a disease that requires a reflective approach, without chasing the fast result. A qualified doctor with the appointment of a course of therapy will be guided by a set of data and, if necessary, to make adjustments of frequency, duration, and focus of the procedures. In different periods of life, depending on age, hormone levels, the development of chronic diseases, conditions of work and life in some of the methods may lose their efficacy, and other — to leave in the foreground. The discipline, the correction of the life style and the calm of a relationship of trust with the doctor will help to make the manifestations of psoriasis are rare and minimal.