Photos of psoriasis on the hands, fingers and nails. The signs and symptoms.

In this article we will talk about one of the most problematic forms of the disease, in which rashes localized on the hands (arms, hands, fingers, elbows). Even if it is not a contagious disease, defeat look extremely attractive. So as to hide their difficult, people often go on to lead a life style internal.

In this article you can see what it looks like psoriasis to the hands, knowledge of the most common causes of illness, the treatment and the prevention of relapse. Even if this disease and the heavy, get rid of it!

Psoriasis on the hands

psoriasis on the hands

Usually the first special plaques appear on the palms of the hands and elbows folds. Specifies the causes of their appearance of the doctors and researchers have not identified. We need to understand that psoriasis on the fingers of both hands (photo), and on the legs, head and other parts of the body is not contagious and is not transmitted through shaking hands or personal items. However, this does not mean that the treatment of the disease, there is no need to rush, as it is fraught with serious complications.

Psoriasis in the early stage in the hand, it is hard not to notice.

The onset of the disease is accompanied by quite vivid symptoms. Usually on the hands and between the fingers individual appear red spots. The type of skin rash that is similar to a normal allergic reaction, therefore patients rarely come to this point to a dermatologist and waiting until the problem is resolved.

With the development of psoriasis are covered with spots of grey scales and begin to dry out. It was then that they manifest the characteristic signs of the disease. Following the defeat of the flakes, not so much and stop growing. However, they seem very unpleasant, and many people have strong psychological difficulties.

In adults, itchy, red patches on the elbows, fingers, wrists, and hands can remember zoster virus, or fungus. The main difference of psoriasis from such diseases – a light border stains. In other diseases so obvious the beading is not defeated no.

Also worth noting, that when the disease affects the fingers, in the majority of cases affects the nails. Consequently, the nail plate is deformed and stratified along the edges. Affected by psoriasis, the fingers swell, which is often accompanied by pain of the joints. In the same way is the development of the disease in children.

Psoriasis of the hands the initial phase

Originally psoriatic rashes appear as small, smooth spots of round shape. One of the main differences – their precise contours. So begins the psoriasis the initial phase on the hands, the causes of which are different.

After a couple of days of precipitation are covered by clear scales. They flake and easily fall off. Then the disease progresses, the rash increases in size and occupies more and more space.

Psoriasis on the fingers of the hands the initial stage in the majority of patients starts in the folds between the fingers, where it bends the most a suitable medium for the disease.

In general, the initial phase is characterized by three main features:

  • appears a red spot;
  • papules are covered by a glossy film;
  • on it appear the droplets of blood.

Also, in the initial phase of psoriasis patients complain of swelling of joints, redness of skin and inflammation in the area close to the nail. With the development of the disease papules will stop growing, and scaling reduced.

As a start the psoriasis in the hands and its symptoms can see presented in the picture. But you should just ask the diagnosis, as there is a possibility that can be confused with other diseases of the skin.

Signs of psoriasis on the hands

Usually the signs of psoriasis in women in the hands of a more manifest on the palms of the hands. The men in this field, the disease rarely manifests. This form of psoriasis treat more difficult, as well as the palm is in continuous contact with detergents and the human objects.

First of all, the skin dries and starts to crack. Defeat on the palms of the hands may put on weight, remembering to corn in appearance. Psoriasis is an initial phase in hand, the photos can be confused with other diseases: for example, with eczema or athlete. Therefore, the doctors perform a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

The symptoms of the disease vary, depending on the localization of the inflammation. We'll talk more in detail about each of them.

The fingers

When this form of the disease before it starts the psoriasis between the fingers of the hands (in the photo). The skin flakes and becomes inflamed. Often the symptoms become more acute with the arrival of the cold (autumn, winter). Without the treatment of a problem leads to serious consequences.


Similar form of psoriasis suffers from one-fourth of the cases of the people. For the symptoms is similar with the defeat of the hand. The problem areas are covered in a red crust, in appearance similar to corn. Point also itchy and leads a person to all kinds of discomfort.

The palm of the hand

As we have already said, this is one of the most heartbreaking forms of psoriasis, because it was impressive the skin very itchy. Because of severe itching sick often can't sleep, that can cause the neurosis. Small spots, usually appear on the side of the palms. Then papules merge into large plaques itchy.

The joints

This type of psoriasis is also considered one of the most heavy. It affects the joints brushes between the phalanges, and then it moves to other joints. During this initial phase of the disease and may not manifest itself on the skin, even if the patient is already able to make bad joints.

Psoriasis is in the hands of the children

In most cases, the psoriasis in the hands of a child occurs in the case where one or both parents are predisposed to allergies and skin diseases. This trend is passed down genetically, and may not show up until will not result in any factor. The exact causes that promote the development of the disease, no one knows.

Is hereditary theory on the origin of psoriasis in children supports the majority of doctors. It is believed that if a parent has suffered from diseases of the skin, then the probability is the same problem the child is equal to 25 percent. If the psoriasis tend to both parents, then the chances of getting a child has reached 75 percent.

Among the trigger factors include stress, an infection from streptococcus, the abuse of alcohol, drugs.

Psoriasis is often combined with systemic diseases, including the metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus type II, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, pathology of the hepatobiliary system.

Whatever the cause of the psoriasis, you can say one thing: this disease is not superficial lesions of the skin. She suggests that the body hidden in deep problems with the internal organs.

If members of your family have suffered from skin diseases, particularly psoriasis, it is necessary to follow strictly the mode and the nutrition of the child, to strengthen his immune system and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will alert manifestation of the disease.

As you develop psoriasis in the hands of a child:

The initial phase

The first psoriatic spots in small children, in many cases, take the most common diathesis or allergies. Usually the younger children in the first place occurs a slight redness. Skin rashes reminiscent of round pimples red or pinkish in color. In a matter of a few days the eruption is smooth, after which it formed silvery scaly flakes.

The progressive phase

This phase is characterized by an increase in merge and stains. Continuous flaking only half the spots, in this way, they grow along the edges. Red spots, itchy and inflamed. This phase can last for two weeks and longer (up to a few months). Then we move to the phase of regression, in which the spots stop growing and disappear gradually.

The disease can affect the nails. As well as the nail plate in children more sensitive than adults, in addition to the main medicines they prescribed pain medication.

Attention! Many parents of children suffering from psoriasis, I am appalled by what is chronic and rather painful the disease can manifest itself in the course of the whole life. In this situation, the physician should explain that if you adhere to a healthy regime, eating correctly, use the special makeup and to avoid stress, the disease can and not to be seen. Also, in many cases, psoriasis can be treated at home.

The symptoms of psoriasis on the hands

the symptoms of psoriasis

The symptoms of psoriasis of the hands accompanied by itching constant, which helps to meet an adequate treatment. If the patient is combed rashes on his skin, it is possible to notice the numerous wounds. Usually the wounds heal much faster in children than in adults.

The main symptoms of psoriasis on the hands:

  • the skin reddens and dries;
  • the area affected swells and thickens;
  • psoriatic the defeat of the crack;
  • the individual spots are combined, they may appear on new locations;
  • peeling is usually improved in the winter;
  • if the disease is not treated, the fingers swell and are covered by thick, painful platelets;
  • the nails are rapidly damaged, change color (becomes yellow or brown), crack, and covered in stains.

Treatment of psoriasis of the hands and nails

Treatment of psoriasis of the hands and its symptoms considered to be challenging. Even in periods of remission stains may remain visible, even if in a reduced size. To get the best effect, doctors use an integrated approach. This takes into account many parameters: the type of disease, the age of the patient, more disease, etc. To confirm the diagnosis using a biopsy.

In the treatment of psoriasis, apply the following methods and tools:

  • ointments that help to soften and heal the skin, and, sometimes reduce the itching;
  • antihistamines, that are struggling with edema and itching;
  • drugs for the liver, and support the recovery of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • medicines to strengthen the immune system;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • analgesics (if they hurt the nails or joints).

Even in the absence of contraindications, the patient can assign physiotherapy. The beneficial effect showed a hand massage with the use of healing creams and ointments, increase the circulation of the blood. However, before use of such means is best to consult with your doctor. You will eliminate the risk of side effects, and checks if there are any contraindications.