Psoriasis of the nails

Psoriasis is a very insidious disease and can affect not only the skin. Often psoriasis of the nails, called as onihodistrofiya (psoriatic onihodistrofiya).

In confirmation of this disease in the treatment of psoriasis of the nail in some cases it is difficult, as this form is manifested much less of psoriasis of the skin. However, affected by psoriasis, the nail phalanx delivered to the patient considerable distress, resulting in emotional breakdowns.

The simultaneous defeat of nails and skin, is quite rare. The disease may exist for many years in the body of the patient, but the characteristic symptoms of this shape is hit the nail. When psoriatic manifestations, that when the complications are able to lead to such a complicate, such as psoriatic arthritis.

The causes of the disease

the nails

The main reason for which you experience nail psoriasis is a malfunction of the IMMUNE SYSTEM, purple the enzymatic function and the education periungual cells. This leads to the separation from the body did not grow to the cells, but also of the stratum corneum, nails.

There are causes predisposing, which can lead to the onset of exacerbations. These include:

  • the symptoms of psoriasis can be triggered in the event of adverse weather conditions;
  • the state of stress and depression;
  • chronic diseases of the body;
  • the symptoms of psoriasis can worsen with mechanical damage of the skin;
  • prolonged use of anti-inflammatories and lithium containing medicines;
  • in addition, the causes of the disease may be enclosed in inheritance, when the gene for psoriasis, it is transmitted to subsequent generations.

As a general rule, the risk group consists of patients under the age of 25 years. Men get sick much more often than women.

Classification of psoriasis nails

Nail psoriasis can manifest in different forms and have different symptoms. Different stages of psoriasis of the nail:

NAPEDOWY — the most common type of the disease. The symptoms are expressed in the appearance of shallow dents on the nails.

ONYCHOLYSIS — this grade is characterized painless separation of the nail from the fabric, after that for about nail to the ground remains psoriatic hem.

ONYCHOMADESIS — in this form, too, there is separation of the nail, but faster and without the formation of edge.

BLEEDING UNDER the NAIL — there are medium shades of brown and reddish spots under the nail.

TRACHYONYCHIA — at this point the disease the nail becomes rough and thickened.

PARONYCHIA — causes of this form of the disease in the physical impact on the tissue around the nail (removal of burrs, ingrown nail, etc.). Observed pus, swelling and redness at the periungual plates.

In all forms of psoriasis required promptly started the treatment, to avoid the more serious inflammatory process.

The symptoms of the disease


The symptoms of nail psoriasis enough, there are multiple and depend directly on the form and type of disease.

The main symptoms are expressed in the following indicators:

  • the surface of the nail of the fingers of the hands and feet becomes irregular, appear deeper and dents;
  • the nail becomes gray, and irregular;the
  • the edge of the nail plate are covered inflammatory edges, that are able to spread over the entire surface of the skin;
  • on the nail appear dull-yellow causing psoriatic plaques;
  • on the plate of the nail is observed capillary mesh;
  • the skin of the nail unbearable itching and flaking.

In the complicated process of symptoms are able to be a department of pus under the nail.

Treatment of psoriasis nails

When you choose a treatment needs to take into account the causes of psoriasis, the severity of the current and individual susceptibility of the patient.

The initial degree of the disease is treated in a comprehensive way and includes the following activities:

  • in the first phase, we recommend that you use the therapy of paint to cover nail art, gel to moisturize the skin periungual phalanx;
  • adjustable hormonal and endocrine function;
  • is restored to the digestive function;
  • it turns out the nature of psoriasis (fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc.);

Often the cause of psoriasis of the nails is the activity of the fungus due to a compromised immune system. Effective impact on him, have a means of external (ointments, creams, medicines, paints), physical therapy and herbal medicine.

In addition to being used for nail Polish, neutralizing the fungus, treatment of nail psoriasis includes:

  • The ANTIHISTAMINES. To relieve the itching it is recommended the intake of antihistamines.
  • A multi-vitamin. The breaking of the nails with any form of psoriasis leads inevitably to the loss of essential trace elements and vitamins, then accept multivitamins. A particularly important appointment, selenium, calcium, silicon, and zinc.
  • The glucocorticoids. When a serious disease is recommended the use of steroid drugs. However, you must remember that, in spite of the fact that the treatment hormonal means is quite effective, take it only after consultation with the doctor.
  • IMMUNOSUPPRESSANTS. To relieve the stress and tension appropriate to the appointment of immunosuppressive drugs. However, it is necessary to take into account the side events.

The result has shown a special paint for nails Belvedere, which also helps in the advanced phase of the disease.

External medications (ointments, creams)

With external funds, usually, begins the treatment of psoriasis of the nails. A slight degree of development of the symptoms, you can manage your such.

All external medications are divided into hormonal and non-hormonal.

Folk remedies in fight with psoriasis of the nails


Very often there are cases in which the drug is not able to provide the desired effect and neutralize the negative symptoms. This fact forces us to look for alternatives, and the questions about how to cure psoriasis of the nails are very sharp. In this case, doctors recommend the release from the nail psoriasis with the help of treatment folk remedies.

The most famous of the popular ways for the therapy of psoriasis are:

NAIL BATHS. This medicine is good-removes nail fungus. To prepare the bath should pour boiling water 20 gr. dried bay leaves and then boil the prepared solution. After the cooling must be placed in this solution, the nails and keep them 15 minutes.

LOTIONS. In the house just to prepare lotions. It is recommended that you mix 2 tablespoons of oat flour or corn starch with 0.5 litres of water. Prepare a paste is applied on the area of the nail.

WRAPS. Cure psoriasis of the nails of the fingers of the hands, it is possible with the help of the medicinal plant, called brusnik. You need to take 4 tablespoons of powdered leaves of brusnik and pour 0.5 liters of hot water. After cooling the mass cooked to be applied on the affected area as a compress and aged for 15 to 20 minutes.

With these simple recipes can heal the psoriasis popular ways. However, before start enjoying popular recipes, you need the advice of the family doctor.

The diet in psoriasis nails

Important condition for the success of treatment is diet. Few people know that the allergy you can participate with any form of psoriasis. So it must be respected hypoallergenic diet.

The power of the patient is necessary to balance, excluding the products, which can cause an allergic reaction (chocolate, coffee, cocoa, strawberry, citrus). The diet prohibits sharp, salty, fat, smoked and fried. Also, do not use the mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup.

During a flare-up of psoriasis diet suggests days of fasting, that is, during the day you can take food in just one product, for example, yogurt, apples, cooked fish, etc Diet should be saturated dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruit (with the exception of orange and red), but also fish and vegetables. For the regeneration of the body lecithin, we recommend the use of vegetable oil (better olive oil of the first pressing).

It is important to remember that any diet which excludes the use of alcohol products, regardless of the form of psoriatic manifestations.


At any stage, the nail, psoriasis on the fingers of the hands, and also psoriasis toenails flowing waves, with effects, with periodic exacerbations. Therefore, it is important the prevention of psoriasis to which you refer:

  • The need to have more short nails.
  • It is prohibited to perform pedicures, manicures, etc, including acrylic paint.
  • It is necessary to exclude the possibility of injury.
  • In case of contact in the home with the house cleaning, it is necessary the use of gloves.

If slight degree of the disease requires a minimum of drug therapy. In the house we recommend that you use the therapy of paint to cover the nails, which slows down the destruction of the nail.

It is necessary to remember that any treatment, it is possible to perform, after consultation with the doctor. This will relieve the acute symptoms of the disease and achieve long-term remission.