How to cure psoriasis: treatment techniques

Common dermatological disease is not studied until the end, then the question of how to cure the psoriasis is relevant up to now. Therapy techniques for this disease each year, and evolve, but curing psoriasis for good is still considered to be impossible. The action of the doctors to bet on the result of the control on the disease, the reduction of recurrences, the relief of the current.

General recommendations for patients with psoriasis


People who suffer from psoriasis, in addition to pharmacological and outside of the treatment must comply with many rules in daily life. The careful self-care, healthy skin, and pierced phases allows to overcome the aggravation of the disease.

Patients must perform the following recommendations:

  • The skin should always be kept wet to avoid cracking and infection.
  • With the help of special creams, which must approve the doctor, it should take a branch off the crust. To do this you need very gently to not damage the epidermis and will not cause a new worsening.
  • The patient is required to follow the appointments of the doctor and report to him, if the tool does not help. In the treatment of psoriasis is a feature: what helps one, may be absolutely useless for another.
  • If a person is trying to get rid of the disease by yourself, you must start the therapy with the most simple tools, and gradually complicate the treatment.
  • All treatments must be carried out in accordance with the schedule.
  • You can't cure by yourself the severe forms of psoriasis. When you see the pain in your joints, the common signs of discomfort, you should immediately consult a physician. Often the therapy is done in a hospital setting.
  • To cure quickly psoriasis, is necessary to protect the dermis, penetration, mechanical damage and other influences. The appearance of a dermatosis, also in a remission period, you need as quickly as possible to get rid of it.
  • We can not allow that an excessive solar exposure of the skin. Despite the fact that the psoriasis treatment with ultraviolet light, its excess is harmful to the affected areas.
  • When the localization of the disease on the scalp therapeutic interventions should be directed on the skin, and not on the hair.
  • Nails patients should be very short. This is the prevention of the defeat of the nail plate.
  • With caution taking any medications, as some of them considerably worsen psoriasis.
  • In everyday life it should be possible to limit the exposure of skin to chemicals: chemicals, cosmetics. If it has suffered from the scalp, shampoo must be made of the natural components.
  • The emotional state of the patients must be the most positive. You must avoid situations of stress and nervous tension.
  • The patients must engage in physical and mental exercises. Adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Normally, fully powered, excluding from the diet.

Local treatment

For a quick treatment of psoriasis are used various ointments. They are the basis of the therapy of any form of disease. The alternative is a series of creams, the essence of which is exactly the same.

The use of ointments in the different stages of psoriasis is focused on some of the mechanisms of progression of the disease, then external treatment is considered to be pathogenetic.

The main effects of the different ointments:

  • The anti-inflammatory action;
  • The suppression of an excess of regeneration of skin cells;
  • Increase the speed of healing of the skin;
  • Removal of itching;
  • Antiseptic.
All means the topical treatment of psoriasis are divided into two major groups: hormonal and non-hormonal.

Hormonal ointment

The plaque

Are used in severe psoriasis, as well as have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Often supported therapy system. Characteristic hormonal funds – the presence of a large number of side effects.

The main side-effects:

  • The gain of the irritation of the skin;
  • The appearance of eczema;
  • Alterations, atrophic skin;
  • The systemic exposure on internal organs (prolonged use);
  • Addictive (a side effect of that always evolves, and then abruptly stopped using the ointment is not possible, you should gradually reduce the multiplicity and amount of funds).

Despite the aggression on hormonal ointments, sometimes their use is necessary. Use drugs should be under close medical supervision, performing all its requirements. In the modern pharmaceutical market hormonal ointments much, but they all have the same active substances.

Non-hormonal ointment

With the help of non-hormonal ointments can effectively treat psoriasis. Unlike hormones, these drugs have fewer side effects and are awarded in all cases the development of the disease.

The most effective means of:

  • The ointment is salicylic acid. Has a pronounced antiseptic effect. It is also used to reduce the degree of flaking. The tool helps delay chips.
  • Ointment of zinc. Dries the skin, reduces inflammation, has absorbent properties. The tool represents an effective barrier that protects the affected area from external exposure.
  • Ointment with the tar content. Lubricate the plates with this drug should be administered with caution, every day, increasing the dose, as well as pitch-irritating. In addition, during the use of the ointment should avoid sunlight, which can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Ointment with vitamin D. the Main action of the half – speed slow division of skin cells. It applies in the stage of progression. Enhancement of the effect occurs with the simultaneous application of UV lamps. Contraindicated to use along with salicylic ointments.
  • The ointment of the component oil. Tool for psoriasis reduces the itching and promotes the flaking of the scales. Also, the ointment has an analgesic effect. Use the medication with caution, as he has a lot of side effects.
  • Ointment with vitamins. These funds have a low efficiency, but a good fit for the easy flow of psoriasis. They do not have side effects, they have a lot of useful impacts on the skin and the whole body in general.
  • Ointment with fat. A drug to be very strong, that helps to get rid of psoriasis through the penetration depth in the tissue. Used with caution and in small doses, gradually increasing, if a person stand up well to the components of the ointment.

Also help in the treatment of psoriasis can drugs of traditional medicine. In addition to ointments, you can use different types of lotions, wraps and medicinal baths. However, before trying the instrument is not conventional, you need to consult with your doctor.

The drugs

The effect

If the local treatment is not sufficient, in addition, prescribe medication for oral administration. In rare cases, if particularly severe psoriasis medications are introduced by injection.

The main groups of drugs for the treatment of psoriasis:

  • Antihistamines. Relieve the itching, reduces the permeability of blood vessels and affect the total action anti-allergic.
  • Sedatives. As demonstrated psychic hand, the development of the disease, in the case of specific symptoms of neurosis, emotional stress prescribe anti-anxiety medications. They should have a mild relaxing effect.
  • Enzymes. In the case of the impact of psoriasis on internal organs, apply replacement therapy.
  • Liver protectors. They are used not only to protect the liver from the disease itself but also as blockers of the side effects of other medications.
  • Detoxification. Arise harmful substances from the body, which promotes a faster recovery.
  • Antibiotics. Are used only in case of an attack of a secondary infection. For the treatment of the disease are absolutely useless. Receiving data of funds without the direct purpose of the doctor is prohibited.
  • Glucocorticoids and cytostatics. The use of drugs is recommended only if severe psoriasis, and also in the absence of effect from other types of treatment. The hospitality has to be fully painted doctor. It is not possible to stop the use of drugs, as occurs in the syndrome of abstinence.

Also systematically used decoctions of different herbs, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Are used plants, putting out the toxins, strengthen the body.

Physiotherapy techniques

For the treatment of psoriasis is used by many physiotherapy techniques. Are considered to be the most effective hair regrowth techniques, which include:

  • Ultraviolet lamp. The radiation acts on cells of the epidermis and deeper tissues, which normalizes their speed of division, exerting an anti-inflammatory effect. Decreases immune responsiveness in the affected area, which promotes a rapid regression of psoriasis.
  • PUVA-therapy. Effectively used for the treatment of severe forms of the disease, however, has a lot of side effects.
  • The therapy laser. A relatively new technique for the treatment, which consists in sending the impact of ultraviolet radiation on the affected area of the skin without damaging the healthy tissues. The dignity of the laser treatment – the almost total absence of side effects.

Use one of the methods of physiotherapy not only recommends a medical expert will tell you to treat the psoriasis exactly in your case of the disease. In some cases, the disease occurs because of an excessive insolation, therefore, the use of techniques for photochemical strictly contraindicated.

Sometimes the doctor prescribes plazmoforez, which involves the purification of the blood with the help of a special device. Applies only in the hospital environment and has a high effect. Occurs the excretion from the body of toxins and unwanted substances. However, this technique is not favorable long-term remission, and then is only used when extremely severe psoriasis.

It is also possible the application of acupuncture. It is an ancient oriental technique in the treatment of various diseases, which must be carried out only by a skilled craftsman. The therapeutic effect is not proven, but the positive reviews on it are available.

Of great importance in the treatment of psoriasis has a spa treatment. Depending on the form of the disease and its characteristics, your doctor may prescribe a different care home. The base of each of them is the hot climate of health and the presence of procedures that help to facilitate the flow of psoriasis.

So, how to cure psoriasis always considered to be impossible, then the therapy should be targeted to increase the duration of the impact, the relief course of the disease and resolution of symptoms. At the base of the choice of the method of treatment is the individual approach to each case of disease.