How to cure psoriasis in home

Psoriasis refers to a group of more complex disease. The nature of this disease is not yet fully investigated. The fact is that the process in question, not only of the skin but it also occurs in the violation of the functions of some internal organs. Therefore, this disease is very difficult to treat. In addition, there is a method of therapy, which would have been equally effective for all patients suffering from psoriasis. Considering this fact, in the treatment of this disease, each patient selected individual plan of treatment, and in the complex therapy, the doctors will necessarily include, in addition to traditional medicines, folk techniques.


The principles of home treatment of psoriasis

In the arsenal of folk medicine are very effective formulations capable of reducing the intensity of symptoms flakes of herpes zoster. It is thus that they call the psoriasis, that complete healing does not lend itself. For external use the treatment you prepare:

  • creams and ointments;
  • shampoo (with the defeat of the scalp psoriasis);
  • medicinal lotions;
  • baths with infusions of herbs that help with the defeat of the whole body.

External means are equally suitable for adults and children. And the funds for internal admission may have age limits, because in some formulations there are contraindicated for children components.

For popular recipes home you can prepare the following formulations, designed for indoor reception:

  • dust;
  • decoctions;
  • infusions;
  • complex mixtures.

An important moment! Since the composition of most of the people formulations in the treatment of psoriasis are powerful, and sometimes toxic components, any method must be agreed with the doctor. This will help to reduce the risk of negative consequences.

The rules of home treatment

Usually, experts are recommending one or the other popular type of treatment, advise the patient to execute certain rules. Here's a list of them:

  1. During the treatment period in external means, it is necessary to protect skin and nails from dehydration. This circumstance is particularly true if, in the course of the therapy has a bathroom.
  2. The initial phase of psoriasis well curable easy vegetable drugs.
  3. For the therapy of composition worked better on the skin, it is necessary that its surface is regularly shoot scales and crusts.
  4. It should be exactly the run that is selected for the treatment of compounding, including the manufacturing process and the characteristics of the application.
  5. It is not recommended to simultaneously use several tools, because this treatment option will not allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of each technique.

All the precautions help you to get the maximum benefit from home treatment of psoriasis and avoid possible complications.

soda for psoriasis

Popular recipe

The active carbon
You want to start the presentation of effective ways of transportation that there is in virtually every pharmacy. This is the active carbon. With the help of this cheap medication you can also locate pustular psoriasis.

Remedy you prepare in this order: tablets of activated charcoal are crushed, reduced to a powder and dissolve in water. The number of tablets it is easy to determine according to the formula: 1 piece per 10 kg of weight. Drink composition need a lot of time before eating (1,5 -2 hours). The course of this therapy has been designed for 45 days.

Important! In this form of treatment is necessary to follow the diet diet and does not drink alcohol.

The sodium bicarbonate

The sodium bicarbonate is present in many popular recipes. Unlike the pharmacy of funds, it is absolutely harmless and gives a good result when an external application: quickly relieves signs of inflammation, which has always been psoriasis, and softens the skin. There are three options for the use of sodium bicarbonate:

  1. With a standard solution of concentration (2 teaspoons per 200 ml) processed on the affected areas.
  2. You can make a lotion of soda ash dense powder mixture with water. In the resulting composition should soak a cotton ball or gauze, and then applying alternately to the areas of damaged skin.
  3. Warm soda compress too well helps us to cope with the inflammation. Already after the first treatment decreases the intensity eruptions of the skin, decreases inflammation. For this method proposes a liquid solution, so the temperature, not to cause burns. In a solution to moisten the cloth and apply to the problem posed. The pack must cool completely.

And still a unique recipe, with the participation of regular soda. This tool has the most complex composition, because for its production will need these ingredients:

  • egg yolks – 3 pcs;
  • the chicken fat – 1 glass;
  • tar – 2 l. v.;
  • laundry soap and 2 liters. st.;
  • sodium – 1 teaspoon;
  • the gall (in pharmacy) – 2 tbsp. l.;
  • the mushroom chaga – half the volume of a normal glass;
  • oil of fir – 1 l. c.

Before the heated fat and cook for 10 minutes. After cooling to it you add the chaga and other ingredients. The addition of each component, the mixture must be well mixed, the bile is introduced into the mix more recently. Obtained the ointment must have a homogeneous consistency. The treatment of lead better before going to sleep. During the sleep tool as well absorbed.


This is perhaps one of the most popular tools used for psoriasis. In fact, fat is a technique fat, which is preparing, fatty acids and calcium soaps of. The composition obtained with the method of thickening, with the result that it becomes a little viscous, and the texture reminiscent of the usual ointment. But, if the pharmacy tools easily washed away from the surface of the skin, the fat is removed with difficulty. Distinguished by its particular lingering smell.

grease for psoriasis

Of course, for the treatment of better to use the pharmacy, the medication. But due to the fact that in its most pure form the pharmacy fat is almost rare, it is very difficult to buy. However, the pharmaceutical industry has made a whole range of special ointments designed for the treatment of psoriasis, but their effectiveness is questionable. Then the traditional healers to get a real result we recommend that you use clean grease, preferably pharmacy. The fact is that the production technicians of marche in the composition to add all types of additives, and you risk an allergic reaction. It follows that the east the wise use of medical medication.

Dignity solidol

Fat is used by tens of years for the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis. In this long period has proven once amazing results. The advantages of this simple tool must be among the following qualities:

  • easy to use;
  • the low cost;
  • low probability of allergies and other side effects;
  • quickly relieves the itching, burning sensation (usually after the first two procedures);
  • it stimulates the healing process of the skin;
  • reduces the intensity of the peeling;
  • after long-term treatment effect persists for a long time.

More than 60% of the patients after a couple of cycles of treatment was observed in the almost total disappearance of the external manifestations of the disease.

An important moment! It is recommended that before applying solidol to perform a test of sensitivity, causing a little bit of the skin in the area of the elbow. If after twelve hours you do not receive the sign of irritation, you can proceed to the treatment.

Recipes with a base of solidol

  1. This house composition effective for psoriasis of the scalp. You are preparing this recipe: fat (300 g) we must first mix it with two egg whites, add to the mixture a teaspoon of the dining room of honey (preferably lime) and grass celandine. The plant component must grind reduced to a powder. Received the ointment must lubricate the damaged areas.
  2. And still a universal recipe, which is suitable for the treatment of psoriasis any location. It is very simple to perform: fat, you can also use the techniques that you clean the mark, apply a thick layer on the body and left for 10 minutes, then rinse. To eliminate the pungent smell of the drug it is recommended that you take a shower with tar and soap. These procedures it is recommended that you do each day, increasing each week to 10 minutes of time. When the time parameter will be equal to an hour, you can go to the night wraps with grassoom. Of course, this option is possible with a good tolerability funds.

Therapeutic baths

Large areas of defeat psoriasis greatly facilitate the condition of patients warm baths. Treatments have a calming effect, eliminate itching and promote quick healing of the damaged area. And special funds for a healing bath, it is not necessary, because many of them are in every home.

baths for psoriasis
  1. Salt baths it is recommended that you do two times a week. Already after the first two procedures usually evident the effect of the treatment. But the course of the treatment with water is designed for a longer time than 3 months. It is very important to respect the regularity of the procedures. Better to use sea salt, which is sold in online pharmacy. For the carrying out of a procedure, it is necessary in a bathtub full of lukewarm water dissolve 1 kg of salt, and completely submerge the body.
  2. Baths of turpentine well heated, with the result that increases blood circulation. The multiplicity of procedures – 2 times a week span of time. We recommend that you use the pharmacy of turpentine. The tool shed that is heated to 36 degrees, the water. After five minutes of stay in the water, the temperature should increase up to 40. After the healing bath in need of a couple of hours of bed rest, the heat hidden. An important moment: Before the procedure it is necessary to treat with vaseline genital area, anal area, and open wounds.
  3. The bathroom with starch are recommended for children and the elderly sick. The procedure is suitable for any type of product: potatoes, rice, and other types of starch. After the bath, rinse the therapeutic composition with the body does not need.
  4. Drinks bathroom is performed the same way the other methods. Procedures strengthen peeling on the skin, which indicates the beginning of his recovery. For a while, reducing the dryness of the skin, it is recommended after the bath, apply on the body olive oil. The itch and other negative symptoms improve after the first treatments, and the positive result is observed after a few weeks of treatment.
  5. Bath with extract of pine activates the processes of regeneration, but also to strengthen the potential of the forces the body's immune. You can prepare the raw material alone, but it is better to buy pharmacy the medication. First extract diluted in water, and then poured into a tub prepared. If the psoriasis amazed at some of the parts of the body, like the feet or the palm of your hand, you can make the bathroom area with a decoction of buds of pine.

All the procedures here, you can easily arrange at home. In the sanatorium conditions of patients suffering from psoriasis prescribed sulphurous and radon bath.

Shampoo for psoriasis

Recipe 1: Grass celandine fresh (300g) is made to pass through a meat grinder. Then from the green mass-squeezed juice, to which must be added a small portion of red wine (30 ml). The compound must treat the scalp, leaving the composition for a quarter of an hour, after that rinse hair well.

Recipe 2: in Need of egg albumen to combine with a tablespoon of liquid honey, add a little bit of baby shampoo, stir well. The product is applied to a quarter of an hour, then thoroughly washed off in the current with lukewarm water.

The funds for the reception inside

As already mentioned above, also the external effective means for the treatment at home, by yourself you can prepare a medicinal tea for internal consumption. It is a sort of decoctions, infusions, combined formations. All of the vegetable drugs use the internal resources of the organism, helping it to fight the disease. These popular recipes have helped to heal many sick people.

remedies for psoriasis
  1. Chaga used commonly for psoriasis. Birch fungus contains a substance that stimulates many vital processes. In psoriasis, it is possible to use the infusion and decoction. The infusion is better to cook in a thermos. The raw material is placed in a container, pour boiling water, insist, five hours. The resulting structure it is possible to drink a spoon in the dining room three times a day, and you can add in the bath or lubricate twice the affected area. Therapeutic baths with chaga also help with dermatitis, and various skin infections. The decoction is prepared the same way and accepted strictly after meals. On the basis of mushrooms you can prepare cakes, ointment, linking vegetable raw materials with soap, tar, egg yolk, and baking soda.
  2. Tar soap is always present in a complex therapy of psoriasis. It is good cleanses the skin, stimulates the regeneration. Even if this tool is not too pleasant aroma, and its application helps us face the difficult dermatitis and psoriasis. Any distinctive measures during the use of this soap is not necessary, just treat the problem areas. After washing you should rinse decoction of herbs.

Natural oils

Any vegetable oil also goes in favour of inflamed skin. Better to choose for therapeutic purposes, refined product. In this line of tools the most effective and flax seed oil. For the outward normal treatment to relieve irritation, the protection against the penetration of germs, will be to promote the rapid healing of damaged tissues.

Is not inferior to the healing properties of olive oil — a natural source of polyphenols. These components have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Olive oil for psoriasis can be small doses of eat inside adding in salads and other dishes.

Burdock is more suitable with large lesions of the scalp. Its recommend that you apply before going to sleep, cutting on the upper part of the film. After a few treatments the condition of the skin is greatly improved.

In conclusion, I want to remind once again that only an integrated approach to the treatment and the rigorous application of all the measures suggested can guarantee success. Psoriasis is a disease that is very complex. Also the therapy to improve the condition of the patient, it is necessary to adhere strictly to the diet, reducing the exposure to the sun, and follow the directions for a healthy lifestyle.