Instructions for the integrated management of the treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis – deterministic disease, which occurs because of hyperproliferations cells of the skin, malfunctions of the immune system with the synthesis immune dependens neurotransmitters that cause inflammation of the skin. For the normalization of the processes of keratinocyte differentiation, cellular recovery mitosis and immunity using drugs of different groups (cytostatics, retinoids, immunosuppressants).

instructions for the integrated management of the treatment of psoriasis

Scheme of application of these or other drugs depends on the stage of development of the disease, the type of rashes and the age of the patient.

Complete the treatment of psoriasis

Complete the treatment of psoriasis involves the use of not only drugs, but also treatments of physiotherapy. They favor the restoration of mitosis, which leads to the elimination of hyperkeratosis and inflammatory processes on the skin in the beings. Therapy against psoriasis includes a number of different directions, and that is:

  1. external means (lotions creams, gels, liniments, creams, sprays) – to promote the local liquidation of the inflammatory processes in the areas of the skin affected psoriatica platelets;
  2. parenteral and oral medications (tablets, pills, injections, vitamins) – the tools of systemic therapy, which affect the functioning of individual organs and systems;
  3. physiotherapy funds (cryotherapy, hemosorption, laser therapy) – hardware methods of treatment aimed at the purification of the blood and of the skin by agents of pathological;
  4. the ways – the type of wellness treatment with the use of herudotherapy, mud, etc;
  5. diet – balanced diet, contributes to the normalization of cellular metabolism and, therefore, the mitosis.

The choice of the specific directions of the therapy depends on the stage of development of psoriasis. For example, in the phase of progression, i.e. development of active psoriatic platelets is not possible to use some types of physiotherapy treatments. This can lead to even more worsening of the disease.

The choice of a complex therapy

The course of the disease is largely determined the degree of development of pathological processes, the factors that have caused the malfunction of the immunity, the age of the patient, etc. In the process for the allocation of an adequate complex of activities of treatment, the doctor takes into account:

  • reasons for the development of the pathology;
  • the stage of development of the disease;
  • type of psoriatic lesions;
  • the sex and age of the patient;
  • features loss of the disease;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions.

A careful study of the history of the patient allows to determine the direction of treatment, which will help you to obtain the best therapeutic results. A special role is paid to the analysis of the launchers mechanisms, had led to the appearance of psoriatic platelets. A mechanism for the development of the disease can become the psycho-emotional surge, chronic illnesses, autoimmune crash, climate change, etc

The direction of the choice of therapy must be exactly justified the pathogenesis of psoriasis. Otherwise, suppress the pathological processes in the body fails, that will lead to complications.
complete the treatment of psoriasis

General principles of therapy

According to the results of a recently conducted consultation, attended by experts from 19 european countries, for the effective treatment of the disease psoriasis is based on the implementation of 3 principles:

  1. the rigorous application of an algorithm complex of therapeutic measures;
  2. a constant monitoring of the response of the organism to the action of these or other medicines;
  3. the timely adjustment of therapeutic guidelines treatment.

Unfortunately, in 45% of cases, the generality of the inflammatory process with the development of psoriasis was determined by the non-respect of the rules of treatment were defined by a physician. To reduce the risk of the formation of psoriatic plaques all over the body, you must follow the instructions that are given to a specialist in the process of therapy.

The treatment phase of progress

The integrated circuit of psoriasis treatment is determined stage of the development of a pathological process. In the stage of progression, i.e. activity at the onset of new symptoms of the disease and rashes, it is worth to adhere to the treatment schedule:

  • Corticosteroids masi – cut the manifestations of the disease and facilitate the elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • Vitamins medications – normalize the metabolism, which allows you to restore cell mitosis;
  • Antihistamines – to eliminate the severe itching and swelling of the tissues near foci of inflammation.

The application of the means referred to above in the stage of progression of the disease because of their pathogenetic activity. They have pronounced antiphlogistic, anti-inflammatory and healing.

The treatment of fixed and retrogressive phase

Fixed and retrogressive stage of development of the disease are characterized by moderately pronounced peeling psoriatic platelets. However, at this stage of the disease does not happens peripheral increase, that is, the proliferation of papules or onset of new symptoms of the disease. In this case, the medical therapy is given to the use of drugs, with a peeling, disinfectant and cicatrizing effect.

Treatment schedule genodermatosis will be approximately like this:

During severe disease for the relief of symptoms apply not only corticosteroids and external means, but and cytostatic

They pronounced immunosuppressive action, that is, suppress the immune system. This prevents inflammation of the skin, the antibodies that attack the dead cells of the epidermis.