Psoriasis in the initial phase

Periods of remission under the influence of factors dysfunctional (violation of diet, hypothermia, stress) are replaced aggravations, difficult outside of the treatment. Manifestations of the disease may pursue one person for the whole life. Therefore, it is important to know what are the symptoms you declare the psoriasis in the initial development phase, as well as from the timely detection of problems will depend on the effectiveness and success of treatment.

Psoriasis in the initial phase the causes of the disease

One of the main reasons that cause psoriasis believe a genetic predisposition. The probability that, sick of parents will give the child's illness, is very large. In addition, highlighted a series of factors that can lead to the onset of psoriasis:

  • Alteration of the functionality of the immune system
  • Transferred to the infectious diseases
  • Endocrine diseases (violation of the thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus)
  • A stressful situation
  • Predisposition to allergies
  • Long intake of drugs

Typical places of localization of the rash to psoriasis are the hands, the elbows, the trunk, of the head. But sometimes the dermatitis affects the surface of the limbs, groin, and armpits. Considering the causes of the disease, experts are divided the disease into two main types:

  • The psoriasis of the first type. Occurs in children and adolescents, on the background of a genetic predisposition. The transfer of the psoriasis inheritance can be done in 3-4 generations. Over 60% of psoriasis patients have relatives suffering from this disease.
  • Psoriasis of the second type. Appears in people over the age of 40 years. In this case, the appearance of the disease is not associated with the inheritance or the malfunction of the immune system. In patients in the first place affects the joints and nails.

As it seems to psoriasis in the initial stage(photo's, symptoms)?

initial psoriasis

The clinical picture of the initial phase of the disease is characterized by the sudden appearance and the appearance of eruptions on the surface of the hands, feet, elbows, hands, body, scalp.The initial phase of psoriasis in children is sometimes mistaken for allergy. Skin rashes in children may appear in atypical public or on areas of the body that are exposed to friction from clothing. This is the insidious illness, because a correct and timely diagnosis will depend on the further course of the treatment.

The primary element of the rash is a papule (zit) reddish-pink color, round shape with sharp edges. They tend to coalesce and form plaques in different shapes and sizes. The platelets are covered with gray discs, which are easily separable. In the area of the rashes, the skin is usually inflamed and отечна. The appearance of the rash may be accompanied by severe itching.

In the case of damage to papules appear to be the characteristic signs carry the name psoriaticheskoj triad and allows for certainty in diagnosing the disease.

  1. The phenomenon stearinovogo spots. In case of damage of the platelets, the surface becomes white, scales that cover the formation of the skin, and becomes like a растертую a drop of stearin.
  2. The phenomenon of thermal film. With a further damage papules and the removal of scales, appears bright red surface.
  3. The phenomenon of blood dew. If you continue to scrape the plates, on their surface, act small drops of blood that testify to the bleeding.

In some cases, the initial phase of psoriasis can be ehkssudativnymi phenomena. In this flakes to absorb the exudate (seroznuyu liquid) and turns into a rough bark. If the crust is removed, under it remain the humid areas of the skin. These phenomena are dangerous to the possibility of joining a secondary bacterial infection. With the progression of the disease, platelets can grow to a large size and to acquire vast expanses on the body of the patient.

The initial phase of psoriasis (acute phase) may last for several weeks. Its duration depends largely on the general state of health, the body's resistance, the tactics of treatment.

The localization of the disease on the hands

The localization of the disease on the hands

One of the most severe forms of psoriasis artropaticheskaya, which affects the hands, the skin between the fingers, brushes, palm of the hand.Psoriasis in the initial phase in the hand begins with the appearance of eruptions on the skin, blends in red, dry spots. With the time of precipitation grow, appear gray scales. The leather on the palm and fingers thickens, becomes inflamed and crack. The disease can strike and deform the joints of the upper and lower limbs, which leads to swelling, pain, difficulty of movement. In the following we develop the psoriatic arthritis, threatening the loss of disability and incapacity.

Psoriasis is in the hands gives the patient a lot of problems both mental and physical, and quite difficult to treat. In some cases, develops nail psoriasis, in which the patient occurs the detachment of the nail plate, up to full loss. Externally, this form of the disease reminds you of the fungal infection.

For the psoriasis on the palms of the hands the skin becomes inflamed, thickens, its top layer becomes rough and, with time, is covered with painful cracks. Bags seem to be round or oval plate of a bright red colour, with light dishes, that are easily separable. These inflammations are clearly visible in the background of a healthy skin and expressed the sick man of considerable psychological distress, as well as their you can hide under clothes.

The skin of the hands seems to be inflamed, rough and dry. Appear education, similar to calli, fringed edge, can be connected to each other and form quite large areas in the defeat. In the absence of treatment, inflamed skin may burst, forming painful cracks. All of these manifestations or significantly reduce the patient's quality of life, and has given him a lot of minutes, excruciating.

The psoriasis on the elbows

The psoriasis on the elbows

The most frequent place rash are the elbows. Psoriasis in the initial phase on the elbows characterized by the appearance of some skin rashes of various diameter, which are prone to further growth. With the passing of time, the elements of the rash merge, forming large platelets and grabbing a large surface area. The platelets covering the scales of silver, which are easily separable.

Psoriasis is a different character undulatory current, in which periods of remission, followed by periods of exacerbation. Refund disease usually happens during the winter season. During a break in inflamed the items on the elbows become less evident, weakly coloured, and may even disappear altogether. Instead of them there is patches of discolored skin.

Psoriasis elbows more often in the ordinary form (vernacular) of psoriasis, which is characterized by impressive over the skin of the plate, red in colour, with rounded forms and clear boundaries. If this tendency towards the fusion of the platelets and the formation of large red spots covered with grey plates.

In some cases the ulna with psoriasis observed in the advanced form, the wet amd exudative. For she is characterized by the appearance of large sites inflamed with the peeling and release of exudates. Flakes absorb the exudate and on the surface of platelets to form hard crusts. The general condition of the patient deteriorates, it is possible to connect the secondary infection, the appearance of chills, temperature, itching, and burning of the skin.

Psoriasis in the head

Psoriasis in the head

The scalp psoriasis is quite widespread. The nature of the disease can be easy, characterized by small outbreaks and heavy, " that covers the entire scalp and even went beyond the line of growth of hair. In this case, the lesions are found on the forehead, on the neck, in the area of the ears (see photo).

Psoriasis is an initial phase in the head accompanied by severe itching and irritation of the skin. Ill comb the platelets, when we celebrate the abundant desquamation flakes, dandruff. Permanent damage leads to the appearance on the skin small scratches and cracks, where it can easily infiltrate the infection.

With the progression of the process are the platelets of large size, coarser and thickens the skin. Flakes increase in size, and are separated already in the form of white flakes. Observe the further growth of the painful itching, the skin loses elasticity and is easily damaged when combing.

Further progression of the disease leads to the fact that for the inflamed areas appear gray scales, which completely cover all the skin under the hair. The lack of early treatment leads to further dissemination of the process and shock the skin behind the line of the hair growth.

If at the beginning of the disease the platelets a little and pale, as if deleted, while the progression of the cutaneous disease grows, the platelets increase in size, become luminous and merge with one another psoriasis in head hair do not fall even in case of extensive injuries and serious illnesses.